Shelf Wall Hooks & Coat Racks

Entryway and mudrooms are functional spaces where you take off your muddy shoes and hang up the coat as you enter the house, or kids shrug off their backpacks after school and rush inside the home. Unfortunately, this can often make the space look very untidy if appropriate mudroom storage or mudroom shelves are lacking. But with little organization and style detailing, you can effortlessly declutter these spaces and add a sense of sophistication that aligns with the aesthetics of the rest of your interior. Installing the proper mudroom shelves and wall hooks that meet your specific needs will keep the clutter away, offering adequate storage space for your coats, keys, hats, or sports equipment. 

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Factors to Consider for the Right Wall Hooks 

Mudroom wall hooks are an excellent option for space optimization if you have a small entryway or mudroom at home. Based on your family size and space availability, consider the type and the material of the wall hooks that meets your requirements. 

Types of wall hooks 

Single Wall Hooks are an ideal option if you are a family of two with limited room space. You can combine multiple hooks according to your needs and use them for hanging towels, clothing, or regular accessories in the mudroom, kitchen, and bathroom. 

Double Wall Hooks will be a practical accent for narrow entryways or mudrooms where you don’t want any bulky furniture as the space is limited. 

Over the Door Hooks will not require any additional space beyond what you already have. Mount them behind doors or in the closet for easy access to your regularly used items while maximizing storage space and keeping things tidy.

Material of the Wall Hooks

Wooden hooks are a common choice due to their ability to blend in with various styles while also being a sturdy material that will last a long time. To avoid any damage, choose hooks with no sharp edges.

Metal hooks are a durable option for hanging heavy items like backpacks or umbrellas that require strong support. To avoid mishaps, ensure that the metal hooks are properly mounted to the walls.

Plastic hooks are a cheaper mudroom storage solution and are easily removable. They are primarily used to hang lightweight items inside cabinets or closets for a more organized and clutter-free space. 

Factors to Consider for the Right Coat Racks 

Coat racks are not only a valuable piece of furniture for keeping things organized in the entryway or mudroom, but they are also a classic piece of décor that will add personality to your home. When shopping for coat racks, consider the following factors to find the perfect one to match your home's decor.

Space Availability

The amount of space available in your mudroom or entryway is critical in determining the type of coat rack you require. We recommend wall-mounted coat racks for smaller mudrooms because they not only save space but also utilize wall areas and add a classy edge to your interior. Mudroom shelves with hooks underneath will add a decorative touch to the wall while providing extra space for keys and gloves.

For a larger space with plenty of floor space, the iconic standalone coat rack will serve as the centerpiece in the room. These portable stands can be easily moved to any location in your home and used to organize coats, jackets, umbrellas, hats, and other items.

Capacity & Height

Although there are no hard and fast rules for the height of the coat rack it is best to buy one that is easily accessible by all family members and fits perfectly in your mudroom or entryway. For example, a dual-hook coat rack with two levels of hooks would be ideal for children's mudrooms.

To serve as functional mudroom storage for large families, get a sturdy, high-capacity wardrobe coat rack that accommodates each member’s necessary accessories. However, a wall-mounted coat rack or an average standalone rack would suffice for small families with limited room space.

Points to Remember

  • Install wall hooks based on the number of family members and frequent guests at home.

  • If you require a high weight capacity, go with metal wall hooks.

  • While single wall hooks offer more flexibility, over-the-door hooks save space.

  • Purchase a coat rack that can handle and accommodate all of your family's essential items.

  • Wall-mounted hooks or coat racks are ideal for homes with limited storage.

  • Freestanding coat racks are preferable for homes with a large entryway and mudroom space. 

  • Ensure the color of the wall hooks or coat racks matches the aesthetics of your interior style.