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Do you want to spruce up your walls and get rid of the blank spots? Wall & display sets are the perfect way to add a finishing touch to your room. Whether you buy paintings or picture frame sets for the wall, a well-chosen wall display set can become the conversational accent of your room. It would help if you found wall display sets that complement the decor of your space. You can't just run down to the local flea shop and buy a few portraits and hang them on your walls.

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How to Find the Best Wall Display Sets

Do you want to buy and style your wall art displays like a pro? Then, it would be best not to ignore these factors that can impact your decision to buy the best wall display sets. 


There are so many wall art sets available in the market. You can create gallery walls, buy vintage posters, abstract paintings, and statement pieces. But, if the size of your wall display sets is not proportionate to the size of your room and walls, it would ruin the whole purpose of creating a display masterpiece. 

All the canvas wall art sets and frame sets for wall come in different sizes, such as mini (10-17 inches in diameter), small (18 - 24 inches in diameter), medium (25-32 inches in diameter), large (33-40 inches in diameter), and oversized (over 41 inches in diameter). All these different sizes give you an option to style your wall art sets individually and in groups. 


Before you start buying random picture frame sets for the wall, you need to understand the style of your room. Once you have visualized what style you are going for in your room, it will help you find a suitable display set. For instance, if you have a Hamptons style and design in your room, with lots of white colors, a hint of gold, some grey, and an occasional pop of blue. You can't use a neon color painting on your white walls and impact the sophisticated ambiance of your room. So, it is vital to buy canvas wall art sets that match your room's current style and design. It does not matter how much you love a musician's poster, and if it does not fit well with your room's style, you should not buy it. 


It is also important to select the right kind of material for your framed wall art sets. If you want something durable with style, you should buy metal framed art pieces, such as bronze, pewter, sterling, etc. These metal frames can be used to create a modern, contemporary, and industrial look in your room. If you have small kids in your house, consider buying acrylic and plastic framed wall art sets. These frames are lightweight and come in a variety of colors. You can also buy wooden framed wall art sets to match the traditional style of your room. These wooden frames can be easily painted and stained to fit the decor of your space.

Types of Wall Display Sets

Canvas Wall Art Sets: The canvas wall art sets are original art paintings printed on a canvas and generally wrapped around with a frame.

Glass Wall Art Sets: The glass wall art sets are really popular to create a unique focal piece in your room. You can get glass pieces, glass mirrors, stained glassworks, and glass shadow boxes to style your walls.

Metal Wall Art Sets: Metal can be easily molded into different shapes and forms, making it perfect for wall display arts. Metal art sets come in many styles and sizes, and one of the most popular metal wall art sets is 3D wall art pieces. 

Wood Wall Art Sets: The wooden art pieces are most commonly used around houses as wood can be easily painted and stained to match the style and decor of your room. In addition, many wooden wall art sets come with stunning designs carved into them. 

Points to Remember: 

  1. Don't use a large-sized wall art set as a part of a gallery wall. Instead, use a mix of mini, small, and medium-sized wall display sets. Avoid using oversized wall art pieces in a small-sized room as it will create an overwhelming ambiance, rather than giving you space a homey feel. 

  2. If you plan to buy a glass art display set, avoid using it in a room filled with light. The glare from the glass will make it hard to see the art piece. 

  3. If you are renting your place and your landlord does not permit you to drill in the walls, consider buying picture frame sets that can stick on the wall with double-sided tape.