Table Vases

For centuries, table vases have always been the staple table decorative pieces, housing flowers, and plants that take your mind away from the stress stemming from work and daily life. Table vases are small pieces that might not immediately catch the attention of others, but their positive impact on your everyday life and the overall mood of the room itself. Table vases are an excellent way to adorn your room with a personal touch without taking up too much space for small living spaces.

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Table vases vs. floor vases

Table vases draw a lot of comparisons with floor vases, which have recently become more popular. Both table vases and floor vases come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, so it is complicated to establish which is better than which. Floor vases take up a lot of space, which is why they are usually reserved for large living areas. Meanwhile, table vases take much less space, so even small apartments can easily make use of them. Modern table vases also do not attract as much attention as large floor vases do, but they still influence the decor of a room. 

Choosing the right table vases: Four key factors

Decorative table vases come in all shapes and sizes, so if you want to choose the right vase, you will have to put some forethought into the matter. Fortunately, there are only four main factors that you will have to address first. You can be flexible with the other factors. 

The purpose of the vase

Table vases are for decorative purposes, but even then, each vase serves a very different function. Coffee table vases that are used for displaying flowers will have to be able to hold water properly, and you should choose the vases that complement the height of the flowers’ stems. If you do not intend to display flowers, you can be creative with the vase and choose different shapes. 

The different materials of the vase

The material of the vases is the next vital factor to consider because each material can have a different effect on the style and durability of the vases. Ceramic vases are the most elegant choices out there, and their resistance to deformities is good. However, they have poor shock resistance, so you will have to handle them with care. 

Glass table vases are more chic and modern than ceramic ones, so they fit right into most contemporary interior design schemes. That said, they are pretty expensive, and the broken pieces of glass vases can cause danger to children. Thus, you will have to be extra careful around them.

Finally, there are metal vases. Metal vases are attractive because their industrial look might impart a futuristic touch to your living space. They are also more durable and less likely to break than other kinds of vases. However, they can only take on a few color and pattern choices, which will limit your creative liberty with these vases.

The shape of the vase

Traditional vases tend to be trumpet-shaped vases or cylinder-shaped vases, but they are not the only shapes you can choose from. Some innovative interior designers have released rectangular vases and amphora vases, which will help your desk or coffee table immediately stand out. For art connoisseurs, you can even go further with novelty vases, whose unique shapes make them pieces of art on their own.

The extra features

Some table vases come with extra features that will improve their value in the long run. Thus, if you wish to buy the vases with the best value, take the following features into account:

  • Hand-made vases: Artisan hand-made vases are objects worthy of praise. Because skilled artisans make them, these vases look much more aesthetically pleasing, and the patterns drawn on the vases will be more intricate. Thus, hand-made vases are worth more in value than standard pieces. 

  • Suitable for outdoor use: If you want to put a table vase on a garden table, you will have to check first if the vases can be used outdoors. These vases are made from very resistant materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

  • Watertight: Watertight vases do not allow water to seep through the outer layer, which makes sure that the vase is immune from water damage. This feature is handy if you live with children who often spill water.