Floor Vases

When speaking of vases, most people think of petite table vases that sit shyly on a coffee table or a desk. However, vases don’t have to be that at all. Decorative floor vases, which are much larger and more pronounced decorative pieces, are becoming more popular among interior designers. Bold and commanding, these floor-standing vases are some of the best choices for the corners of your living space. If you don’t know yet how to choose the best floor vases, we have assembled a brief buying guide below the products that will help you make the right decision!

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Why choose decorative floor vases?

Floor vases are bold pieces, and adding them to your room will create focal points that will leave a strong impression on the visitors. Floor vases will also help to make the corners of a room look much less lonely and bare, adding a more welcoming touch to the room. In addition, if the floor vases decor stands next to other objects such as a sofa or a table, the vase will accentuate the pieces and bring more attention to them, helping them stand out. 

Finally, never forget that you can put more decorative items inside the vases themselves. For example, you can put in some dried tree branches for a more rustic vibe. If you want more green in your living space, don’t hesitate to put some plants in the vases. Do keep in mind, however, that some decorative vases with special shapes might not be suitable for plants.

What to consider when buying floor vases?

Though floor vases might look simple, it certainly isn’t that simple when you have to choose between hundreds of potential floor vases. The following factors are the most important ones to keep in mind when looking for an appropriate floor vase for your room. 

The shape of the vases

Perhaps the most critical factor is the shape of the floor vases themselves. Floor vases are generally divided into two main categories: oversized floor vases and tall floor vases, serving different functions. 

Tall floor vases are thin and tall, so they are less flashy than oversized floor vases. That said, you can use these tall floor vases to display flowers. Their shape will bring out the grace and beauty of the flowers more effectively than oversized floor vases.

Oversized floor vases are designed to impress, and, as such, they can stand on their own with ease. These vases may also come in many strange shapes to grab the attention of the visitors right away. However, they are not very suitable for displaying flowers. 

The materials of the vases 

Next, come the materials. The primary material of a floor vase has a significant impact on the overall durability and the function of the vase in general, so you should devote quite a lot of time trying to figure out the perfect material for your vases. 

Ceramic vases are some of the most classic kinds of vases. Made from ceramic, these vases are generally quite sturdy, and they can take on a lot of different patterns that will embellish the vase with exotic beauty. As a result, ceramic vases are very versatile, and they go well with almost every home decor scheme. 

Glass vases are the more modern and more chic variants. These vases impart a sleek and modern look. To add a personal touch to these vases, you could paint the vases themselves with your favorite colors. Glass vases do not work that well in a traditional setting, however, especially if you are using clear glass. 

Finally, wooden floor vases have recently become more and more popular. With a rustic look that goes well with a Scandinavian-styled living space, these wooden vases will undoubtedly be unique pieces that will draw compliments from your visitors. 

The price of the vases

Naturally, the price of your floor vases is an essential part of the equation. You should generally have a budget on how much you want to spend on your vases and stick to that budget for maximum satisfaction. Vases on the lower end of the scale allow you to experiment more with your painting skills, but they are not very durable, and you will have to replace them regularly. 

One creative idea is to buy a set of smaller vases instead of one big vase. You will save up a good amount of money, and you can mix and match the vases together for fun and unique decoration schemes.