Vases & Jars

Roses are red, violets are blue, and jars can double as vases too.  Vases and jars are a simple yet beautiful way to bring beauty and practicality into your home, upsurge storage, add style and elegance to a special event.  Vases and jars are adaptable, and so you can easily create something unique and lovely with them.  You will find vases and jars in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and beautiful patterns. Add flowers to a lovely vase or use jars as a decorative piece for a touch of luxury anywhere.

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Types of Vase and Jar Shapes

Different shapes of vases add variety to your flowers on display. Discover the wide range of shapes available in vases and jars to find the perfect look for your arrangement for any occasion. 

Column Shape Vases

Match the elegance of long-stemmed flowers by opting for a simple, tall, slender, and timeless shape of a column vase to display them in. Column-shaped vases also pair nicely with decorative branches or twigs and taller stems like red roses and orchids.  Due to the height and shape of the vase, it provides great structure, keeps everything controlled, and can make a beautiful statement.

Hourglass Shaped Vases 

Known as a bouquet vase, the hourglass vase is incredibly versatile because its rounded bottom, narrow opening, and slightly flared at the top shape is perfect for shorter-stemmed flowers with top-heavy round heads. In addition, this vase shape works well in bringing out the lush shape of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies.  

Round Shape Vases

A round or fishbowl-shaped vase is a unique way to highlight a beautiful bouquet of tulips, gerberas, or roses and create an artistic centerpiece.  To perfectly arrange all those lovely flowers using this type of vase, you need to cut the stems to the height of the vase so they can stick out and assemble the flower heads to create an elegant round effect.

Bud Vases 

Bud vases are meant to highlight individual stems or a small bouquet.  Bud vases look great grouped in a mismatched assortment of miniature vases and can be a great alternative to an actual centerpiece.  They pair well with the minimalist style that can showcase the beauty of these small bouquets, and they can be easily integrated into the simplicity of these bud vases.

Square or Cube-Shaped Vases

A Square or cube shape vase can be short or tall, has simple, clean lines that add a sense of balance to the decor that surrounds them.  Square vases also have wide mouths that give flowers room to spread out and you have flexibility arranging them together.

Pitcher Vases

Pitcher vases come in a range of interesting styles and sizes and are usually relatively tall and have fairly narrow mouths. This allows you to put just about anything in them, and your bouquet will stay upright and sturdy. 

Trumpet Vases

Trumpet vases are often used as table centerpieces because their sleek and slender design takes up very little space while still allowing the piece to hold abundant flower arrangements. A trumpet vase is best for holding flowers with long stems and is usually made of glass or ceramic.

Gourd Vases

Gourd vases have a unique shape with rounded, wide bottoms that narrows to an elongated top.  Gourd-style pieces have an excellent balance, and they're one of the oldest known styles of vases and jars.  The narrow mouths of gourd vases keep blooms gathered tightly and organized, while the wide base keeps everything stable. 


Jar vases are beautiful pieces of decor that are excellent for holding whatever blooms you desire.  Jar vases are a traditional design accent that you can find, from blown glass to stoneware to ceramics. 


There are two types of urn vases, a pedestal-style base and tapering off to a wider mouth.  The other type is widest in the middle, with a slightly narrower base and mouth.  Because of its sturdy bases and wide mouths urn works well for large flower arrangements.

Amphora Vases

The amphora vase is an ancient vessel form used as a storage jar and is traditional Greek pottery designed to hold oils, dried goods, and wine.  Amphora vases are usually ceramic with hand-painted artwork and have two handles and a narrow neck than the body.   Nowadays, amphora vases are made of resin, stoneware, and cement, and it is in itself a decorative piece.   

Jug vases

Jug vases have the distinct feature of having handles and geometric texture that makes them stand out and look their best.  Tall, dried branches of any sort are the perfect displays to put in them, or they can also be a luxurious piece when paired with tall roses or tulips.