Trays And Platters

Having people over, whether to host a party or just having dinner guests, you're in charge of making sure your guests are well-fed and having a good time.  There is no limit to things you can serve to your guests in platters and trays.  When it is time to pick trays and platters to buy, no one size fits all.  There are various materials, colors, sizes, and designs to choose from when buying platters and trays.  Keep in mind the food or dinks you want to serve, to help you purchase the right size and shape of trays and platters according to your needs.

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Platters and Trays

Here is something to keep in mind, a tray is used to carry food on while the platter is used to serve food on.  Remember, it isn't just about the food, but also the presentation. Platters and trays also add a decorative element to the table. The functionality of serving platters and trays ensures that all the courses for a meal are assembled on the trays and platters and are set on the dining table.

A platter is a large shallow oval or round shape dish or plate often used for serving the main dish or main course.  Trays are mostly used to carry food and drinks; they are flat containers with higher rims and no covers.  

Besides using platters and trays for serving, decorative platters and trays are very useful and beautiful accessories to add to your home décor. In addition, they make serving food, tea, and coffee drinking experience more delightful.

Platters and trays are made of different types such as wood, glass, metal, and plastic.  They also come made by using precious metals, including silver, gold, pewter, and many other decorative and beautiful materials.  Trays with carved edges, silverware trays with intricate designs, and trays with beautiful artistic handles are all an excellent choice for platters and trays when you want a stylish design and look.

Different Types of Platter and Trays

Compartment Trays 

Compartment trays that have separate sections in the tray to keep different types of foodstuffs on the tray.  Usually, these trays keep condiments, side dishes, chocolates, and other sweets on a serving table. 

Appetizer and Fruit Platters

As the name suggests, this type of platter is a great way to serve and beautifully present an assortment of snacks and appetizer items.  Different kinds of fruits, fried snacks, canapés, and cheese can all be served on an appetizer and fruit platter.  

Beverage Serving Trays

Beverage trays are usually just like regular trays. Still, they need to be sturdy enough to serve and hold beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, wine, and different types of fabulous cocktails without dropping them.  You can also use it as a decorative accent piece to hold precious tea sets.

Tiered Serving Platters and Trays

Tiered serving platters and trays perfectly set the mood when filled with small bites of delicate food such as sandwiches, savories, scones, sweets and will undoubtedly delight your guests.  One important thing to consider when buying a tiered serving platter and the tray is its size.  Check the diameter of the plates if they are sufficient enough to hold each of the courses or desserts but small enough to fit your table. 

Points to Remember

  • A decorative vegetable platter or crudités platter is a fancy vegetable platter generally used in vegetarian side dishes and vegetable salads.

  • Glass trays or transparent trays are perfect for creating a wonderful decorative fruit platter or other sweet treats.

  • Wooden trays are an excellent choice to make cheese and wine platters for parties because they have this rustic touch.  Cheeseboard trays look fantastic when used with fruit, cheese, and wine accompaniments, and add to the décor for brunch or dinner parties.

  • Beautiful compartment trays can be used for chips and dips.  There are trays with built-in bowls, which are also great to serve chips and dips effectively.  Round trays can be used for different types of chips, and different types of dips can be put in compartment trays.

  • Tiered serving platters and trays are perfect decorative serving pieces for buffets, wedding showers, brunches, lunch parties, etc.