Euro Pillows

You do everything to make your dream home look perfect, don't you? Applying your favorite paint on the walls, setting up themes for the rooms, and even buying the best furniture, then you have bought beds for your room too. That's great! But did you buy anything to accessorize your beds? Euro pillows are not just regular pillows, and these are something that one must have in their homes. Whether you are reading a novel or enjoying your favorite movies on TV, euro pillows are great for providing back support. These make your bedroom look fantastic. If you think of purchasing some for your bedrooms, you need to consider several factors before buying them. 

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What to Consider While Buying Euro Pillows

If you want to have that luxurious feel in your home, you should go for large euro pillows. These decorative euro size pillows work best if you have queen or king-size beds, as these are big and fit perfectly. Just place two euro pillows on the headboard side of the bed, succeeding smaller pillows, and then enjoy the luxurious feel. But, before heading further, there are some things that you need to know while buying a pair for your bedroom. 


Everyone wants a product that is best in quality and looks good; after all, looks matter the most. It is the first thing that impresses a person. So, while purchasing decorative euro pillows for your room, first count the number of pillows you want. Of course, that depends on how many bedrooms you have in your house. Each bedroom needs two euro pillows. 

After estimating the number of euro pillows, think about the theme of your room, the color of the walls, and even the texture of other furniture. And then, you can select the best color euro pillows that blend with the bedroom's theme. Most people prefer to choose bright-colored shades, but it varies from person to person, as everyone has their own opinion. 


The second thing that matters is the material of the euro pillows. Consider the content. Silk pillows are the way to go if you want to give your room an attractive appearance. On the other hand, Cotton euro pillows are a good choice if you want to be discreet. Both of these materials withstand the test of time when properly maintained. So, it is mainly up to you which type of euro bed pillows you prefer for your rooms.


While buying euro-size pillows, always remember to check the number of threads present in the pillows. Usually, if you buy euro pillows with a fewer number of threads, then it will be of good quality; four hundred is stated as the best count for the threads. And similarly, if the number of threads is large, then the pillow is of low quality. These things should always be kept in mind. The size of euro pillows is the same, that is, 26 inches by 26 inches, also known as euro square pillows, so you cannot guess the threads just by looking at the size of the pillows.


Don't just go for it if you have a smaller budget in mind and see some euro pillows falling in that particular range. Check out every aspect first because you are not buying the regular pillows; you are investing in large euro pillows. So, always check the guarantee of the product. Make sure to remove the cover and open the zip present in the middle of the backside of the pillows to ensure the fabrics inside them.

Points to Remember

  • One of the essential points you should do before purchasing euro pillows is to measure the size of your bed. It will give you an idea about the number of euro pillows you need on that single bed.

  • In conjunction with the overall house decor, you should play with bright and dark colors. To add to the aesthetic, you can also use silver, turquoise, and solid other colors. Use the quirky textured euro pillows in your bedroom to enhance the room décor.

  • If you don't have headboards in your beds, these euro pillows work pretty well to increase the back height of the bed. It looks fantastic if you add regular-sized pillows in front of them.