Pillows are everyone’s best friend. After a long and hard day at work, there is nothing that can beat the feeling of just slumping down the sofa and letting your thoughts unwind. A good pillow will not only induce better relaxation but will also help you to stay comfortable while sitting. Pillows are also highly decorative pieces that can significantly affect a room’s overall tone and mood. A simple white pillow is enough to calm your mind, but if you wish to spice things up a little, there are a lot of pillow shapes and colors to choose from. 

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Is buying pillows for your sofas a good idea?

As established above, pillows are not just decorative pieces. Instead, they serve an essential function: To provide extra support to your lower back region and to prevent spinal problems. When you sit in the wrong position, the spine will have to take on a lot of stress, causing regular back pain. Pillows, especially lumbar pillows, will help you stay in a neutral position with ease, alleviating the pain and discomfort. 

A good pillow should neither be too thick nor too thin. A thick pillow will push the neck too much inward, creating an unnatural bend that will further strain the neck. On the other hand, a pillow that is too thin will provide negligible benefits. 

Factors to keep in mind when buying a pillow

Even decorative pillows can be very personal items, and this is exactly why you will have to be extra careful when buying pillows. Everyone has a different body build and spinal issues, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That said, choosing the right pillows should not be too hard. Here are the things you should consider when shopping for a pillow.

The shape of the pillows 

The first thing your visitors will notice is how big the decorative pillows will be and their shape, so you should try and address this issue first. Decorative pillows come in four main shapes, all of which come with their own sets of advantages. 

Square pillows are the most common kinds of pillows. They come in various sizes, making them the ideal choice for most situations. In addition, square pillows’ neutral look means that they can easily be replaced if necessary, so if you wish to experiment with your design skills regularly, these pillows might be the better option.

Round pillows are much less common than square pillows. They also look softer and more graceful, so round pillows are not a bad choice if you enjoy creating a homely living space with a luxurious vibe.

Cylinder-shaped pillows are also viable options. They are great for hugging, and you can rest your hands on them while sitting on the sofa. However, it might be a bit hard to find the right sofa that goes well with them.

Lumbar pillows are functional pillows that offer optimal lumbar support to the users, ensuring that they can sit on the sofa for hours without getting back pain. However, they do not come with a perfect look. 

The style of pillows 

Remember, pillows are also highly decorative, so don’t hesitate to use them to add your personal touch to your living room! Euro pillows add an understated and luxurious touch to the room without appearing too flashing. Meanwhile, rustic decorative pillows with a neutral color will add a homely vibe to the room, making it more welcoming and calming. Be experimental with your pillows, and you will likely find the experience worthwhile. One of those spices can make an entire interior go from good to great if done right. 

The filling of the pillows

The pillow’s filling will also be a crucial factor that shapes the equation because it directly affects the relaxation quality of the pillow. In general, there are four main types of fillings you need to know: Memory foam, down, cotton, and polyester. 

Pillows using memory foam are the best when it comes to adaptive support, as these pillows will change their shape according to your body shape. Down pillows are very stylish, luxurious, and soft, but they are a bit expensive. Cotton pillows are highly breathable and easy to care for, but they will gradually flatten over time. Thus, you will have to replace them regularly. Finally, polyester pillows are the cheapest around. Like cotton pillows, they will have to be replaced regularly, but it is because they get lumpy and hard over time, not the other way around.

Throw pillows in the living room 

Though pillows are undoubtedly very important in bedrooms, they can also be used to enliven your living room! Throw pillows are some of the best additions to your beloved sofa because they will not only add a homely touch to the sofa but also allow you to clutch them on a wintry night. Lumbar pillows will offer tension relief for people with spinal issues, allowing the users to enjoy their experience with ease.