Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are indispensable items for your petite dressing corner in the bathroom. These mirrors will help you to apply makeup more evenly and more accurately, as these mirrors will allow you to see your face from multiple angles. However, vanity mirrors themselves are more than just simple, functional tools. The right vanity mirrors elevate your room by adding depth into it, creating a pleasant illusion of space that will be pleasing to the eyes. Each vanity mirror has its own properties. So if you wish to buy the best vanity mirror for your room, here are some tips to help you choose!

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Mind the Sizes

The first thing to consider is the size of your vanity mirrors. The walls of your bathroom often have very limited space, and even that is reserved for other functional pieces such as a towel holder. Thus, you will have to buy a vanity mirror proportionate to the available area on your wall.

Most vanity mirrors will not be larger than the vanity station below them. In fact, in most cases, you could buy vanity mirrors that are exactly as wide as the vanity station below. The two elements align, creating a unison with most decoration schemes. In some cases, the vanity mirrors could be 70-80% smaller than the vanity station below if you wish to highlight the station itself. The mirror will look smaller, but it will not be shrunk to the point of disharmony.

Mirror Installation Is Also Important

Where you hang your vanity mirrors and how you hang them will also be essential factors that should be considered. Most of the time, you should try to hang your vanity mirrors in such a way that they will be slightly below your eye level. This allows you to see all the features of your face without having to slouch forward or look up. Furthermore, installing the mirrors slightly below the eye level will provide more viewing angles. The vanity mirrors themselves will reflect the room more effectively. You should also adjust the height appropriately if any family member cannot reach the mirrors due to their limited height. Finally, the mirrors should not be placed too close to the vanity station to prevent water from splattering to the mirrors.

Is It a Good Idea to Go for Multiple Vanity Mirrors?

For most bathrooms, a single vanity mirror should do. Still, there are many cases where you might want to go for two vanity mirrors instead. This setup will put all the attention to the room's height, so if you have a bathroom with a high ceiling, a double-mirror layout should be a great choice. However, this setup does have a bit of a downside: The room will appear smaller, as the mirrors are much narrower than a single-mirror setup. As a result, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Add Some Extra Lighting

Suppose you wish to add a more glamorous and homely touch to your vanity station. In that case, you could consider installing a wall light sconce near the vanity mirrors. The light from the sconce will help illuminate the details on your face, allowing you to apply makeup or dress up with ease. The light will also add more depth to the room, which will elevate the space considerably.

You can also install directional light sources below or above the mirrors for a more focused lighting plan. This setup will give your vanity mirrors an accented effect that will make them the centerpieces of the whole room.

The Framed vs. Frameless Debate

This debate will pop up from time to time when you are browsing around for the right vanity mirrors, so it is worth taking the time to look at both sides. Both framed and frameless mirrors have their advantages and disadvantages, so the ultimate result will have to depend on your own preferences.

Framed mirrors are highly elaborate, and their ornamental elements will allow them to elevate the entire room with ease. They can also be very rustic and vintage, depending on the design of the frame. Unfortunately, framed mirrors are not very popular in the bathroom because the water could damage the frame. Instead, they are much more prevalent in the bedroom.

Frameless mirrors are some of the best choices for the bathroom. The lack of a frame means that these mirrors boast a seamless design that will make them the perfect choice for a minimalist or an industrial decoration scheme. In addition, as they do not have a frame, water or steam do not easily damage these mirrors.