Floor Mirrors

It certainly is hard to imagine a home without mirrors, as they allow you to easily check out your current outfit before heading out for a party or an important meeting. However, mirrors are more than just a functional piece of furniture. Suppose you can make full use of their potential. In that case, mirrors, especially floor mirrors, will be very effective decorative pieces that add layers and depths to your living area, improving the quality of your living space. 

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Why should you choose floor mirrors?

Modern floor mirrors are self-standing mirrors that do not need to be fastened to a wall to stay stable. This allows you to see your entire body in the mirror, including their shoes, helping you dress up for the occasion easily. Because floor mirrors can stand on their own without needing a fixture, they are also quite easy to set up. You don’t even need your drill or other tools to set up floor mirrors!

Floor standing mirrors are the perfect choice when you want to make your room look bigger than it really is. This is because floor mirrors reflect a large amount of sunlight, which gives the room a roomier feel. The larger the mirrors are, the more pronounced this effect is. Because large floor mirrors also reflect a lot of natural light, a room with a well-placed mirror will look brighter and more homely. 

Floor mirrors can also help you to disguise the little imperfections on your wall. For example, let’s say you have a bit of a discolored area on the wall, and you cannot fix it just yet. Simply place the mirror in front of this area. The reflections in the mirror will pull people’s focus away from the area with imperfections, pointing their attention to the centerpiece of the room instead. With this huge range of benefits, floor mirrors have become the lovechild of many interior designers.

What to consider when you buy your floor mirrors

However, not all floor mirrors are built the same. All floor mirrors are inherently different, and each will fit a certain home decoration scheme better than others. Thus, if you wish to choose the best large floor mirrors for your home, here are some factors to take into consideration. 

The size of the mirror

Sizes do matter, especially when it comes to floor mirrors. Your floor mirrors should not be too tall nor too short. Otherwise, they would look out of place. The best mirror-to-furniture size would be ⅔, which means that the mirrors should only be ⅔ of the furniture piece hanging above it. For a very large room, you could go for oversized floor mirrors or even floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Do note, however, that these mirrors might hog all the attention, so you should only use them if your living space is large.

The room the mirror is in

Each room has a different function, so the floor mirrors you are going to put in the rooms will have to adapt to their own function. For example, if you are putting a floor mirror in a hallway, you could go for a large rectangular mirror, since it will accentuate the depth of the mirror. If you are putting a floor mirror in the bedroom, a mirror that fits your body’s height will be the appropriate choice. 

The frame and the style 

The frame of a floor mirror is probably the one factor determining its style, so you should take the material of the frame into account. Wooden frames impart a traditional and rustic vibe to the mirror, especially if you go for oak frames with dark stains. If you want to go for the Scandinavian style, pick light wooden frames. Glass frames look more chic, sleek, and contemporary, and if you want to give the room an industrial vibe, metal frames will be the best choice.

Floor mirrors vs. wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are the classic kind of mirrors, and they are still very popular to this day. Because of their popularity, you might have a hard time deciding whether to choose floor mirrors or wall mirrors. Understanding how floor mirrors and wall mirrors work will help you make a better purchase decision. 

Wall mirrors are the preferred choice for small living spaces because they can be hung, and they do not take up a lot of ground space. However, you will have to use tools and a bit of work to hang these mirrors.

In contrast, floor mirrors require no installation at all. You simply have to leave them standing at the desired spot, and that is all you have to do. However, they do take up quite a lot of ground space, so only big rooms could afford them.