Dresser Mirrors

Dresser mirrors help reflect light and make a room feel larger, and when hung above furniture they act as exquisite wall decor.  When selecting a dresser mirror for your space, consider the mirror's size, shape, and style of the frame.  Choose a dresser mirror to match the design scheme in your bedroom decor.

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Reasons to Have a Dresser Mirror in Your Home

Incorporating a dresser mirror in your bedroom is a simple way to add some shine, glamor, and light to a room.  Dresser mirrors can be simple and modest or artful, ornate statement pieces that can create a focal point in the room.  When placing a mirror over a dresser table or chest of drawers, make sure it should not be wider than the piece it's hanging over.

When you have many clean lines in your furniture or very angular spaces, try to bring in a more ornate mirror that adds more personality and detail.  Choose interesting frames such as dresser mirrors with arched crown molding or a trifold mirror that allows you to adjust it to reflect the perfect angle.

Dresser Tables with Mirrors

A dresser table with a mirror attached is called a bureau.  Enhancing any piece of furniture with a mirror can change a lot of things about the room.  They can make a room look fantastic, appear bigger while adding functionality to a space.  A dresser with a mirror helps achieve a consistent, matching style that pulls all the furniture in the room together.  It adds another layer of style and adds a glamorous touch to your room.  

Some people may think that dresser tables with mirrors are outdated. Still, a modern dresser with mirrors incorporates the classic, useful concept reflecting the current style with its smooth and simple design elements. In addition, dresser tables with mirrors keep your things organized by providing more storage space and place for daily necessities.

Dresser with mirrors on drawers

A chest of drawers can be an alternative to a dressing table, it is a great piece to add mirrors. A dresser with mirrors on drawers has a high functionality since it can serve several purposes, including a place to store things, a table for women's accessories, and cosmetics.  The same use can be applied with a chest of drawers with mirrors, they can be a great place to fold things, bedding, and clothes.  A chest of drawers with a mirror can easily replace a large, bulky wardrobe in the bedroom.

Points to Remember:

  • To create a visual balance when hanging a mirror above a piece of furniture, make sure that the mirror measures two-thirds or three-quarters the width of the furniture below it.  Use this same method when grouping a mirror with other artwork or wall lights, including spacing between pieces of other wall accessories.

  • Hang the mirror above the dresser maintaining 4 to 6 inches between the bottom of the mirror frame and the top of the dresser.

  • Take note that a dresser less than 30 inches in height, should have a mirror hanging as close to eye level as possible.  Measure about 57 to 65 inches from the center of the mirror to the floor.

  • For a casual yet sophisticated look, place a mirror on a dresser leaning it up against the wall.

  • If you're wondering where the best place to position your dresser mirror is, it is ideal to find a location where the mirror can reflect another decorative element in the space.  A good place to hang your dresser mirror would be opposite a wall where the window is located or opposite an artwork or wallpaper.