Cheval Mirrors

Mirrors allow you to view a true reflection of yourself. The Cheval Mirrors is one type of mirror that many people have heard of but only know little about them. Cheval means “horse” in French, and it is from the four feet of the base that look a lot like those of a horse. The fantastic look of a cheval glass mirror adds a touch of style, making them a focal point in any room. Cheval mirrors are classic pieces of furniture, so you can expect to find them in most furniture and home decorating stores. 

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Worth knowing about Cheval Mirrors

This type of mirror has been around for a very long time and is used as a free-standing dressing mirror. Cheval mirrors are also known as cheval floor mirrors because they were designed to be set on the floor as standing mirrors. A cheval mirror is a full-length mirror with its frame attached to two vertical bars supported by four individual feet as a base. The cheval mirror is very functional due to its ability to tilt its position and can be adjusted. It allows the person to fully see herself no matter how close she is standing to the mirror.

The modern cheval floor mirrors have the newest designs and are available in a variety of styles and colors. Cheval glass mirrors are ideal for creating a modern and stylish appeal in your home.

Popular Materials Used for Cheval Mirrors

Wood and metal are the most popular choice of materials for cheval mirrors. The natural beauty of solid wood comes in a variety of stains and finishes all of which can look stylish. 

Some of the finest choices of wood used for cheval mirrors include oak, cherry, and walnut being the most common.  Cheval mirrors made of pine wood are harder to find and are normally antiques. Aside from the natural wood stain, a cheval mirror in a classic white and neutral black finish is incredibly sought after since it can easily match any existing décor.

Cheval mirrors made of metal are an eye-catching choice. Metal mirrors come in a few different finishes including bronze, copper, gold, and silver. Most of the metal designs are antique-inspired and offer a luxurious look. 

Aged or distressed finishes are a wonderful idea if you want even more of an antique and vintage look. Modern style cheval mirrors have a sleek design and often feature a smart angular frame with bold clean lines that offers a more modern feel.

Cheval Jewelry Mirrors

Designed just like your typical cheval mirror, the mirror is the face of an armoire made to keep jewelry inside. A cheval mirror with jewelry storage can be a space saver because not only do they keep all of your jewelry organized and in one place, but they let you accessorize in front of the mirror. Usually, there is an extra drawer in the base of the mirror. Cheval jewelry mirror is typically rectangular and made from wood and not metal. Normally there is a magnetic latch so you can easily open, close, and securely shut when not in use. Other design styles come with a key so the cabinet can lock. There is also a large variety of colors, finishes, and types to choose from.

Always try to consider the shape of the mirror you are buying. An oval full-length mirror needs to be at least 60 inches high. This height will enable the oval curves on all four edges to trim the background around the reflection and let you see your entire body.