Candle Holders

Depending on your interior and spot where you are using the candle, you will need a specific candle holder design. For a modern interior, something like bling or brass candle holder works best. For a more contemporary look, getting some glass candle holders is great to plan. It’s also crucial to focus on the decoration and patterns on each of these candle stands. You can also consider checking the overall build.

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Holder Type

You can get them in lantern designs, glass tumbler designs, pearl or beads covered designs, and simple metal engraved looks. Take time in the art and consider both your interior and the candle placement spot for this part. 

Candle holders are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that can help you style your room. Unfortunately, finding the perfect candle holder can be a very tedious task. But with the right guide, you can help yourself create a whimsical space using gorgeous candles and beautiful candle holders. 


You can consider lighting and ambiance for this part. The candle stands you select should complement the atmosphere and enhance it. 

The candle standard has been a part of this world for ages. It has witnessed centuries and changed with every changing trend. So you will find them in more than enough types. There are chandelier types of candle stands, wall candle stands, tall candle stands, and many more. 

Each of them has a different application. For instance, the chandelier candle stands work in a group to replace the chandelier of your home. It’s usually preferred for large places and is a bit of a hassle as you light many candles. However, you can now get them in electrical candles.

The tall candle holders are classy and add a rustic look to the place. It’s best for mansions, villas, and buildings with a rustic interior. There are various candle holder types you can choose from rustic candelabras to modern wall scones and candle lanterns.

 Similarly, get quality wall scones or wall candle holders if you plan to highlight a particular section of the place, especially the hallway or stairs.


If you need small candle stands for dates, dinner, or such small events, then votive candle holders are the perfect option for you. They can collect every bit of melted wax. 

Sizes of Candle Holders

The size of the candle holders should depend on the size or type of candles that you want to use. Measurement of the base, height, and the thickness of candle is important. Of course, you don’t need a big candle holder for a very tiny tea candle. There are always a match for candles and their holders.

Holder Material

The most crucial part of selecting a candle stand and probably the most tricky is its material. Multiple materials, including metals, wood, plastic, and glass, can be used for making these stands. Each of these materials has its benefits. 

The glass candle stands most comes with all-rounder protection and a rounded shape that collects every shred of wax. The glass candle holders also add a glimpse of reflection, enhancing the lighting and ambiance of the corner. 

The metallic frames have a similar effect, but they also offer a wonderful life. Although the metal may need to get rusted or tainted over time and need precise cleaning. The wood, on the other hand, is good for a table-type holder, but it cannot cover the sides of the candle. It’s prone to fire which makes it a considerably less preferable option. Although there are hybrid type stands that come with a glass filter to cover the sides of the candle stand and prevent wax spills. 


If you are not sure, go for a hybrid material candle holder. Usually, come with a glass core, and metallic outer lining works best. It has the looks and wax collecting properties with the elegant touch of metal.