In simple terms, décor or home decoration is the difference between a house and a home. Through the creative use of various attractive and functional items, décor helps create a sense of familiarity and adds positive vibes to your home. Even as it imparts a personal touch to your home, the décor gives visitors a glimpse of your persona and values. Apart from the creative aspects, home décor comes with a host of benefits, both physical and emotional. Tasteful décor sets the tone for relaxing times with family and friends. More importantly, interior décor elements can be used to hide minor design flaws. So, it makes sense to go beyond bare furniture and invest in décor that truly sets your home apart.

Usually, décor items are easy to move. This allows you to periodically experiment with their placement and arrangements to constantly modify the look and feel of the rooms. The range of décor items you can use and choose from include paintings, decorative art pieces, plants, lamps, floral arrangements and so on. You could try out things as diverse as table clocks, wall clocks, statuettes, cushions, pillows, rugs and throws, mirrors, vases, jugs, the list is as long as your creativity can go. It’s simply amazing how careful selection of a few small items can together create a significant impact on how your home looks and feels.

Decor for Home Spaces

The purpose and size of each room, coupled with the individual tastes of the residents define the choice of décor items in the home. However, the common factor for any room is the color scheme of the room, around which the furniture and décor are built around. After choosing the wallpaper or paint color, go on to select the décor items that complement the room color scheme, and exhibit a cohesive look.

Living Room

Among the more important spaces of the home, the living room provides the setting for family bonding and meeting visitors. Furniture positioning and seating space arrangement is important because it’s a public space within the home. As the living room is a public space, you need to be very particular about your furniture arrangement. Choose from an array of wall paintings, corner tables with candles set in attractive stands, coffee tables, attractive paper weights or ash trays, decorative lamps, and comfy cushions in the sofa sets.


Theoretically speaking, it is the space where you spend 8 hours of your resting time. So, think personal to the extent possible, when thinking décor for the bedroom. Be very choosy about the bed and associated furniture for the room. Bedside tables, table lamps, wall paintings in soothing themes and colors, curtains that keep out strong sunlight, area rugs for warmth, attractive wall clocks or trendy table time pieces – all come together to create a sense of comfort and security while you sleep or chill out with your loved one. For the children’s bedroom, you could explore options from a range of floral, pastel, theme, cartoon, outdoors colors and decors.

Dining Room

Pleasant surroundings make for enjoyable meals is the motto here. Undoubtedly, the dining table is the centerpoint of the dining room. So, start with a good table – square, rectangular, round or oval. Then go all out to complement it with décor items ranging from wall-hung chandelier, area rug beneath the table, ornate sideboards, wall cabinets, and shelving to display the cutlery and glassware, side tables, corner tables, candle-stands, decorative lamps fixed to the walls, vases filled with beautiful blooms, paintings for the walls, and curtains for the windows.


This is one of the most complicated rooms in the home, when it comes to doing up the décor because of the heat, and grease emanating from all the cooking that takes place here. A combination of shelves, cabinets, racks for pots, pans, plates, knives, ladles, and attractive holders for spoons, forks and so on, can give your kitchen a utilitarian look.


The bathroom décor has the be geared more towards functional needs than decorative purposes. Go for water and moisture-proof cabinets to ensure looks that last for a long time. Organize smart-looking storage spaces for toiletries and personal hygiene products of daily use. Mirrors in ornate or stylish frames add a glamorous look and feel to the bathroom. And then finally, select soap holders, and bathing nozzles to charm the looks while enjoying a refreshing shower.

Decor Tips

Go higher with window curtains – To give a grand look and feel to rooms, hang curtains closer to the ceiling. Higher the curtains are mounted above the windows, the more expansive your room will look.

Let your art pieces get an eyeful – The right level to display art pieces and paintings on the wall, is at eye-level. Generally, paintings hung at 57 inches from ground level have the best effect.

White is your décor knight – When you’re not clear about what color to use, opt for white. It looks good on anything, be it dressers, baseboards, or walls. It can be your ‘go to’ color for any room décor. But make sure to choose the right shade from the different shades at your disposal. Paint the different shades side by side in patches, and see how they look under different lighting conditions.

Do it with mirrors – Add brightness to the room by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite a window. The mirror will reflect the external natural light into the room, casting illumination all round.

Add a touch of black – Make sure that there is at least one black colored object in the room. This way, you can add an element of contrast to avoid a uniformly colored, flat, boring look.

Layer the lighting for maximum effect – Proper illumination is a crucial factor in getting your home décor right. Fix a minimum of three lights in every room to avoid low light conditions. Use a combination of chandeliers, recessed lights, and sconces to keep shadows at bay.