Crowes Dove Loveseat Sofa
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Crowes Dove Loveseat Sofa by Franklin Furniture


The Crowes loveseat provides a luxurious and modern experience. The neutral coloration allows you to bring the style of your home into it, while throw pillows add graphic interest that no other couch could manage on its own! It’s also made in America with an eco-friendly Plywood frame for durability - this means there won't be any cheap plastic parts or toxic glues used during production which is perfect if affordability matters as much to you as comfort does now.
Reasons to buy Crowes Dove Loveseat Sofa by Franklin Furniture:
  • The loveseat is made from recycled materials.
  • Comes with two throw pillows for a dash of graphic interest.
  • You'll love the modern, yet classic style.
  • It's comfortable and well made


Brand: Franklin Furniture
Polyester / Polyester blend
Availability: In stock
Last updated: 11/16/2021


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