Cremona Bronze Floor Lamp
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Cremona Bronze Floor Lamp by Cal Lighting


The Cremona floor lamp is the perfect addition to your home. It features an integrated LED metal arc, which can be dimmed or switched off entirely depending on your needs and preference! A beautiful bronze finish decorates its side panels making it both modern yet classic at the same time; while providing ample light where needed in almost any room within a house - without needing power sources other than standard household outlets outside walls (it includes two).
Reasons to buy Cremona Bronze Floor Lamp by Cal Lighting:
  • This lamp is made of metal with integrated LED light
  • The Cremona Bronze Floor Lamp has a contemporary design and offers an elegant solution for ambient lighting in your living space
  • It comes equipped with a dimmer switch so you can set the mood Creative benefits:
  • You'll love the modern look of this lamp. Practical benefits:
  • The floor lamp will provide ample light to read by, study, or relax.


Brand: Cal Lighting
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Last updated: 11/16/2021
IB's notes:
  • Cal Lighting has been operating since 1981.
  • Cal Lightinghas been in business for 4 years more that the average of brands on Interiorbeat.


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