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Zuo makes trendy furniture accessible to people of all ages. More than ever, this brand wants to offer clients a daring style that matches whatever application; dining & bar, living, or bedrooms. They sell furniture for homes, workplaces, restaurants, other business areas, and hotels and resorts.

Zuo Modern was founded in 2005 by two business partners, Luis Ruesga and Steve Poon, who shared a vision of creating a profitable contemporary furnishings business that was elegant, practical, and exciting.

Their peppy, modern assortment has expanded into a legitimate lifestyle brand that offers inspiring furniture for every area in your home, including a magnificent mixture of patio equipment, lights, and mirrors, all with an eye on high design and luxury. The overall design is pure form, with an eclectic blend of modern, contemporary, and chic industrial elements — ideal for modern homesteads, city lofts, or office areas.

Luis and Steve have always placed clients first and seek to deliver the most satisfactory service possible, in addition to their enthusiasm for the products. Their philosophy is straightforward: each client, new or existing, huge or small, is a responsibility. They stick by everything they do and are constantly working to surpass customers' demands.

Even though Zuo has developed into a global brand with locations worldwide serving the retail, hotel, restaurant, and design industries, the organization retains its small-business mentality. They effectively cooperate with over 200 people and recognize and share each accomplishment with all of their collaborators. Zuo Modern is a family, and each customer is treated as such. Union City, California, is home to Zuo's newest world headquarters and showroom.

According to CEO Luis Ruesga, dining is one of Zuo's most famous furniture categories, with indoor and outdoor pieces selling quickly. And, when people reintroduce cafe dining and travel, he expects sales opportunities for hotel and dining equipment to rise.

The Piccolo chair, with its sleek mid-century modern appearance, and the Smart dining chair, a counter-height variant with a contoured seat and back, are two of Zuo's best-selling dining chairs. More than 1,500 items are exhibited at Zuo's 10,000 square-foot showrooms at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, including these best-sellers and dozens of other dining room pieces.

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  • From the founders to the employees, the organization appears to possess an excellent eye for design.
  • Their upbeat, contemporary collection has grown into an authentic lifestyle brand with inspired furnishings for every room in the house.
  • Zuo has beautiful furniture for every room of your home, as well as a stunning collection of patio furniture, lamps, and mirrors, all with a focus on high design and luxury.
  • The overall design is all about form, with an eclectic mix of modern, contemporary, and elegant industrial components.
  • Zuo has an excellent reputation among its employees and partners.
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