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In their manufacturing facility in North Carolina, the world's undisputed furniture capital, they've been making furniture in the United States for the past 40 years.

They guarantee to use the finest materials, the most elaborate construction, and inventive design in their state-of-the-art production facilities to create some of the safest, strongest, and most aesthetically beautiful home furnishings for early learning environments.

Their enthusiasm for early learning furnishings is apparent in their work. They ensure that each structure is built to its exacting standards, is practical, and, most importantly, is safe.

Wood Design's primary users are children, and they understand that this demographic of customers demand more delicate measures and greater attention to detail. To keep kids safe, all of their items are stated to be chemical-free. Greenguard accreditation for low chemical emissions is also standard on all of their goods. To prevent any unfortunate accidents, their tables have substantially rounded edges, their cabinet doors have "hinge-me-not" hinges, and any of their products that stand 36 inches or higher are created with their unique "Tip-not" technology.  A lifetime warranty is included with nearly all of their products. All these factors contribute to the peace of mind of their customers.

As parents, the company's designers understand how messy it can get when youngsters try new and exciting activities. That's why their proprietary TUFF-GLOSS UV finish protection shields the tables from spills while also making cleaning a breeze. Furthermore, this UV treatment is made to be exceptionally long-lasting and scratch-resistant. They also distinguish by using the best plywood available globally to make their furniture, and their mortise glue-steel pin joinery is solid and attractive. This level of attention to detail is unrivaled in the world of children's furnishings.

The Hollow Block and Arch Set, their newest item, is guaranteed to be a hit. Wooden Designs will now produce things that children will enjoy interacting with, in addition to furniture. With the Wood Designs Hollow Block and Arch Set, young builders and architects can stack, build, and balance. This one-of-a-kind hardwood 29-piece set includes ten different curved, straight, and angled block designs that range in size from 4 5/8"W to 18 7/8"W. This popular educational toy promotes depth perception and motor abilities while also encouraging imaginative and creative play with others. The blocks are made of solid hardwood and are suitable for children aged 3 and up. For non-toxic emissions and air quality, this product is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. A two-year manufacturer's guarantee is included with the Wood Designs Hollow Block and Arch Set. There's also a 68-piece set available.

The Letter Tray Storage Unit with Translucent Trays is also one of their best-selling items, and it will come in handy for your organizing needs. All of your small teaching aids, toys, paper, and materials will be stored in the translucent letter trays to prevent them from being misplaced. It's made entirely of plywood and finished with the proprietary Tuff-Gloss UV coating. For extra strength, stability, and beauty, the back is also recessed. For added protection, they have entirely rounded corners and edges.

When it comes to buying for kids, safety and convenience are a given, but Wood Design stands out for its higher quality guarantee. And they make sure of it by having their highly experienced quality control team inspect each item. Their furniture won't decay, mutate, or break down.

If you're a teacher wanting to set up your classroom for the new school year or a parent searching for furniture to assist their child's homeschooling, Wood Designs is the place to go.

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Why buy Wood Designs

  • They have over 40 years of experience in the field of children's furniture.
  • They guarantee that at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the finest materials, most elaborate construction, and inventive design will be used to make the best early-learning furnishings.
  • They make certain that each project is built to the highest of standards, is functional, and, most importantly, is safe.
  • All of their items are said to be chemical-free to keep kids safe and they come with Greenguard certification for reduced chemical emissions.
  • They use the best safety practices for their products, such as totally rounded corners, unique hinges, and a spill-resistant proprietary coating.
  • They guarantee quality by inspecting each item with their highly skilled quality control crew.
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