The ultimate mission of Viewsonic is to inspire people throughout the world to understand the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary by delivering revolutionary visual solutions for work, play, and learning. They aim to transition from a gadget business to a visual solution company by listening to their customers and developing products, services, and long-term ecosystems that improve visual engagement for the benefit of their customers.

ViewSonic Corporation is a privately held international electronics firm headquartered in Brea, California, with an R&D facility in New Taipei City, Taiwan. This company focuses on the visual display hardware, such as liquid-crystal displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards, as well as digital whiteboarding software. The corporation operates in three major markets: education, business, and entertainment.

The Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council has certified ViewSonic as a minority-owned firm on a national level. James Chu launched the firm in 1987 as Keypoint Technology Corporation. It debuted the ViewSonic range of color computer displays in 1990, and the firm soon rebranded itself after the monitor brand. The ViewSonic logo incorporates Gouldian finches, which are brightly colored Australian birds.

ViewSonic rose to become one of the significant manufacturers of computer CRT displays in the mid-1990s, with Sony, NEC, MAG Innovision, and Panasonic. ViewSonic quickly surpassed the rest of these firms to become the most prominent display producer in America and Japan at the millennium's turn. They unveiled the VP2290, a 3840x2400 pixel, 22.2-inch monitor, in 2002, and it was widely considered as a forerunner of its time. About three years later, ViewSonic fought and won a patent case launched against them by LG Philips over who invented the technology for rear mounting LCDs in mobile PCs.

ViewSonic debuted its ViewBoard flat panels and myViewBoard software in the interactive whiteboard industry in 2017. The following year, the company was awarded the best-selling collaborative display brand, and by 2019, more than 5,500 schools in the United States were equipped with ViewBoards. As a result, ViewSonic ranked third in worldwide interactive visual market share, excluding China. ViewSonic became a Google for Education and Microsoft Education partner shortly thereafter.

The previously stated ViewBoard is an excellent focal point for collaboration. These interactive screens provide tremendous dynamic possibilities for schools in the twenty-first century. Its large touch screens allow many users to write, edit, and create visually for dynamic demonstrations and creative brainstorming. These interactive ViewBoard displays foster peer-to-peer cooperation amongst students and teachers in learner-centered, technology-rich sessions. They also provide the equipment you need to encourage learners and make studying more enjoyable, such as quick surveys, game-based exercises, and content sharing software. Their Professional Development workshops provide in-depth training to assist you in mastering and optimizing your ViewBoard display and myViewBoard software, making teaching easier for teachers and learning more exciting and engaging for their students. The ViewSonic myViewBoard software is a sophisticated tool that allows teachers to create dynamic lesson plans, transfer compelling content, and communicate lessons with students, all with the touch of a button. MyViewBoard works nicely with existing technology and integrates effortlessly into practically any classroom, whether it's a Windows, Android, or Chrome setting.

ViewSonic's headquarters are in Brea, California, and it also maintains a research and development center in New Taipei City, Taiwan. This massive corporation has offices in Canada, multiple parts of Europe and Asia, and the United Arab Emirates as of 2021.

ViewSonic claims to meet its clients' demands by proactively listening to their concerns and providing answers to their difficulties. They strive for constant growth by establishing challenging goals, accepting feedback, and understanding that failure teaches them the most. They claim to value differences of opinion in order to stimulate cooperation and drive innovation, and they respond to their clients' changing demands quicker than their competition. By being inclusive, open, honest, and transparent, they claim to operate in the best interests of the customers, workers, and shareholders.

ViewSonic is a massively successful company, with more than a thousand employees across its locations and a staggering annual revenue of about half a billion dollars.

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  • Viewsonic's ultimate aim is to inspire people all around the globe to see the difference between the ordinary and the remarkable by providing new visual solutions for work, play, and learning.
  • ViewSonic is the owner of hundreds of patents.
  • They have a combined manufacturing experience of over 30 years.
  • The ViewBoard from ViewSonic has changed the interactive visual environment, and it is a fantastic choice for a school or an office.
  • ViewSonic is a massively successful company and a very reputable brand.