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A good office, whether on corporate premises or at home, is transformed to be exceedingly functional and beautiful with the addition of a good, sturdy lamp. Victory Light has made its impact in this area.

Victory Light is a manufacturer and distributor of lighting, heating, and industrial processing lamps and fittings. The company's product line spans the whole spectrum, from UV curing and hygiene to LED light bulbs and infrared emitters for comfort heating and commercial processes. Victory has a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge to offer its clients.

With distributors all over the world and warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and China, Victory is able to transport items to where they are required swiftly and effectively. Victory Light's leading products in 1991, when the firm took over the special lamp production activities of an established lighting company, were incandescent lights. Following the purchase of THORN Lighting's special incandescent light manufacturing operation shortly afterward, additional items were added to the line.

Victory then went on to create a slew of specialized models for clients as diverse as NASA and the Ministry of Defense. Despite the fact that several incandescent lamp types have been replaced by energy-saving technology, Victory continues to play a crucial role in supplying specialized and ornamental industries. This led to a specialization in infrared lights and other specialty items, and the firm has now grown to encompass the design and production of luminaires and controllers, allowing it to provide complete infrared solutions to customers. Among the many additional goods in the company's portfolio are ultraviolet, LED, and pet care products.

Today, one of their best-selling goods is the Victory Light Magnifier Task Lamp. It has received overwhelmingly good feedback from clients across the United States. Its sturdy metal clamp effortlessly attaches to your desk to illuminate your workspace and increase your field of vision by up to 175% for reading, crafting, and research. It is built of heavy-duty metal and has architect-style arms with a 44-inch reach. It has a 22W full-spectrum fluorescent changeable bulb for a bright, glare-free daylight effect and a 5-inch 3-diopter glass lens that nearly doubles your field of view. The Victory Light Magnifier Task Lamp makes precision work a breeze.

The Victory Light Executive Desk Lamp is also one of their best-selling goods. Dual lights allow you to view every detail in your textbook, assignment, or project. The weighted base is made of durable metal and plastic components, and the glass shade provides refined flair. It contains two 10W Type B candelabra bulbs and an easy-to-use rotary on/off switch. Overall, the sleek nickel style of this lamp will bring a touch of class to your office desk.

Victory's R&D team is continually creating new items and finding new uses for them. Victory is happy to be at the forefront of innovative, market-leading UV and IR bulb technologies. Victory takes pride in giving the best customer service possible. Its customer support team's abundance of product expertise and industry experience is crucial in aiding with technical and stock inquiries, as well as order tracking. Browse Victory Light's available products right here at Interiorbeat.

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  • Victory can provide its clients with a plethora of industry expertise and knowledge.
  • Victory's R&D team is constantly developing new products and finding new applications for them. This brand will undoubtedly provide you with new possibilities on a regular basis.
  • All of their items are made in the United States.
  • This firm provides exceptional customer service and has an excellent logistical capability.