Vari is one of those companies that somehow check all the boxes as an office furniture provider. As a workplace innovation business, they assist developing companies in realizing the full potential of their space and people. They are committed to making the office furniture purchasing process faster, more straightforward, and more flexible. Companies can use Vari to expand their office and make it happier, healthier, and ultimately more productive.

They designed their initial device for a coworker who wanted a quick method to get up at work to treat back discomfort. The first VariDesk sit-stand desk converter was so popular that it set the industry standard and spawned an entirely new category. They still sell the award-winning standing desks, but Vari now provides everything a fast-growing business needs to outfit their space. They provide electric standing desks, conference tables, lighting, adjustable partitions, chairs, storage, and more—but it's not just furniture. They now serve as a quick, flexible, and experienced partner throughout the process, from space design and planning through installation. By establishing long-term connections with their consumers, they've amassed a global following that values their commitment to excellence, efficiency, timeliness, and versatility. Their adventure may have begun with a desk, but they've grown into so much more - and according to them, they're only getting started.

Their high-quality office furnishings are intended to suit the demands and challenges of expanding businesses. Their items have been tested and certified in accordance with the strictest industry standards. Everything is adaptable and simple to reconfigure, allowing you to modify your arrangement as your needs change, saving both time and money. They have easy, scalable solutions to match your needs whether you want to refit, furnish, or construct a whole new area. These inventive, long-lasting goods are made to last. Furthermore, their products allow individuals to work in whichever way they want. Check out their product offerings right here at Interiorbeat.

The Electric Standing Desk has become one of their best-sellers of all time, and it's probably the one product they're best known for. These electric sit-stand desks include a strong, silent electric motor, a heavy-duty chassis with T-Style legs, and a long-lasting laminate finish. Revolutionary fast-attach technology enables easy construction in minutes. And the continuous height adjustment feature allows your work surface to move from 25" (63.5 cm) to 50.5" (128 cm) high, making it ideal for taller individuals.

Vari products may be found in businesses all across the globe, including more than 98 percent of the Fortune 500, and they've been honored for design innovation and quality. This entity has enjoyed its share of glory thanks to its product excellence. Among their accolades are the 2017 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Best Places to Work in Dallas Business Journal, Dallas 500 Outstanding companies award. 

Vari is dedicated to fostering an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion. And they think that in order for this culture to thrive, it must be purposefully nourished, cultivated, and conserved. Their approach to diversity, equality, and inclusion influence how they employ, reward, train, develop, and build their workforce. It also influences where they seek vendors, where they give, and how they do business. They are committed to growing as a company in order to embody these principles more thoroughly each day. They formed a Diversity Council in 2020 to build an inclusive culture, raise awareness of blind spots, and reinforce the value of diversity within the business. The Diversity Council is composed of Vari team members who are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and that all opinions are heard and necessary. This commitment to taking care of their people is top-notch.

Their charity donation program is called Vari Community Giving. They are devoted to giving back to their community to assist non-profit organizations in directing their donations where they are most wanted. Vari has also given non-profit organizations some office furniture to save them some operating costs. As a matter of fact, the entity has contributed almost $5 million in merchandise to non-profit groups since 2018. It doesn't end there, too, as Vari is also known to volunteer its workers for free labor. These corporate social responsibility measures are absolutely commendable.

Vari is a massively successful company with around 350 people as employees. It generates well over $15 million in income every year.

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  • Vari is one of those brands that checks all the boxes when it comes to office furniture.
  • As a workplace innovation company, they help developing organizations realize the full potential of their space and people.
  • Their Sit and Stand Desk is quite popular and is utilized by several corporations and workplaces around the country.
  • Their high-quality office furniture is designed to meet the needs and requirements of growing enterprises.
  • Their products have been rigorously tested and verified in compliance with the most stringent industry requirements. Everything is adjustable and simple to alter, allowing you to change your setup as your needs change.
  • Vari has received numerous awards and accolades to demonstrate its manufacturing excellence.
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