Unimed USA Ltd was founded in 1978 in Northern California to provide medical and dental equipment and supplies to California hospitals, prisons, and many other institutions. Unimed swiftly established a reputation as a stellar California business for a variety of reasons, including low prices, excellent customer service, and excellent vendor ties. Check out their inventory here at Interiorbeat for the most fantastic pricing.

Unimed provides you the strength, dependability, and value of manufacturer connections, quality goods, and buying power that comes with being a prominent supplier to California hospitals and institutions. Their devotion to medical-grade products and solutions appears to set them apart from the competition. Unimed today has over 1000 brands under its umbrella, including Acteon, Dentsply Sirona, and Midmark, to name a few. This organization is also quite proud of its good relationships with a number of government clients, including Fresno County, CalVet, and even the Department of State Hospitals.

The Unimed Solvent Resistant Infinite Divider Storage Box, which is an unquestionable must-have for most workplaces and households, is one of their most popular product options today. For customizable storage, this box may be split into 1/8" increments. Simply snap the provided dividers into place, and you may choose the number of divisions and their sizes. This storage box is great for organizing and storing objects of all sizes, and the clear hue makes it effortless to see what's within. It's also rustproof, dentproof, scratch-resistant, and chemical-resistant due to the heavy-duty polypropylene structure.

The Unimed First Aid Storage Case is another fantastic product that you've most likely seen in many businesses, schools, and homes. Lightweight, rustproof, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and chemical-resistant, this first-aid storage and transit case is ideal for most organizations and families. It's also lockable, with an easy-access, heavy-duty cam-over latch to keep your belongings safe, and the case contains a top storage compartment and a lift-out tray with a central handle.

This business is also known for its extensive line of ambulatory items, which are pretty helpful in any situation. They have nearly 2,200 durable goods and acute care products from hundreds of manufacturers in their ambulatory equipment catalog, including ambulatory accessories, commodes & shower chairs, fall protection mats, mobility, patient alarms, raised toilet seats, safety & grab bars, and transfer equipment.

Furthermore, this brand is known for its contributions to a variety of educational institutions around the country. They provide the healthcare, first aid, emergency equipment, and supplies you need to safeguard students, educators, and staff in the case of an emergency or to provide proactive treatment. Their products address medical, athletic, administrative, and first-aid demands, as well as many other elements of care.

UnimedUSA.com was founded in 2019 to provide these similar benefits to a broader audience in the United States and Canada. They concentrate on remaining within the parameters that allow them to deliver uncompromised quality, affordability, and support. They can supply durable equipment, supplies, and everything in between, whether you're a medical or dental business, a short or long-term care facility, an educational institution, or an individual.

They claim to only deal with the industry's largest and most incredible companies - simply look at their manufacturer brands - and then look at their incredible rates, and you'll enjoy them both. If they hadn't taken care of clients like you for more than 43 years, they wouldn't be here today. You can see why they're your go-to by looking at their reviews online.

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  • Unimed has over 40 years’ worth of manufacturing and distribution in the medical supplies industry.
  • They have numerous patents under their belt.
  • They make most of their items here in the United States.
  • They have been trusted by numerous government hospitals, schools, and medical institutions because of their excellent product portfolios.
  • Unimed provides you the strength, dependability, and value of manufacturer connections with their products.