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Uncaged Ergonomics specializes in designing one-of-a-kind, functional, and cost-effective ergonomic workplace furniture. Most of their items are designed in-house, beginning with a hand-drawn idea and progressing through CAD renderings, prototyping, 3D printing, sourcing raw materials, and mold building for mass production.

This organization believes in the importance of cost-effectiveness. After all, getting ergonomic items shouldn't be as tricky as robbing a bank. Uncaged also thinks that everything they create should be functional and sturdy enough that you'll want to use it on a regular basis. Uncaged Ergonomics recognizes that in today's world, we spend much too much time learning and working while bent over books and laptop screens. Eventually, they came to the obvious conclusion that our posture has a direct impact on our general comfort, productivity, and overall health. The founders set out to build, develop, and find valuable items that promote a happier and healthier work environment since they were immensely dissatisfied with the present products on the market.

One of their most well-known items, which has received a lot of attention, is a clever bit of engineering that does not require any power connections or batteries. WorkEZ Executive by Uncaged Ergonomics is a versatile laptop/tablet stand that is just about the coolest gadget of its sort we've seen. This foldable mini-table is made of lightweight aluminum and has a surface area of 45 centimeters by 25 centimeters – sufficient room for tablets and an average-sized laptop with enough to spare for a mouse. The bottom features a rubber ledge to hold laptops in place, and the top has a series of ventilation holes to remove excess heat. The table's two foldable legs, however, are the standout feature. Both are made up of three metal parts with strong plastic hinges that revolve. These hinges rotate 360 degrees before snapping into place at 15-degree intervals. The tip of the bottom segment has been skillfully hollowed to provide accessibility to the hinge buttons of the second segment while the table is fully folded, and the broad, spring-loaded knobs in the middle of each hinge are marked with accurate angles to let users make rapid, guess-free adjustments.

The result of all this leg turning – which, by the way, takes only seconds – is that the table is incredibly adaptable. It can lift a laptop, monitor, or tablet off a desk or table's surface. It can also be utilized as a table in front of a chair, a podium-style document holder for boardroom talks, an elevated recipe book holder for the kitchen, and a low-rise play and paint table for youngsters on the floor. Simply lay the bottom section flat for stability, zigzagging the middle and upper segments for height, and rotating the tray for viewing convenience.

It's best for tablets, and lightweight computers, with the joints tweaked to let the tray hover just above any lap at a suitable height. People use it in bed as well, adjusting the leg parts in the same way but tilting the tray nearly upright to face their pillow-supported heads. Because of the moveable joints, it may be used as a raised flat surface pretty much everywhere you need it – even on somewhat uneven terrain. This ultra-portable stand folds down to the size and weight of a standard dinner tray. Truly this product is a very innovative take on laptop stands.

Their outstanding customer service staff backs up everything they do. They value every customer and appreciate your input. According to the company, nothing makes them happier than seeing clients acquire a unique ergonomic office product that they designed. They develop, manufacture, and produce practical ergonomic items with a few basic philosophies in mind.

Uncaged Ergonomics is headquartered in Maryland and employs over 100 people. They bring in a fair amount of money each year, close to $30 million.

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  • Uncaged Ergonomics is a company that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, practical, and cost-effective ergonomic office furniture.
  • They have a slew of patents under their belt.
  • The importance of cost-effectiveness and practicality is emphasized by this company. Everything they create must first serve a purpose.
  • Their WorkEZ Executive is a versatile all-in-one laptop stand that can be employed in a variety of situations.