U Brands

U Brands is a fast-growing consumer goods entity that offers a wide range of stationery, storage, home, and office items (including presentation boards, office tools and supplies, filing and organizational products, locker accessories, and more). This company's mission is to provide new and imaginative designs that are both high-quality and cost-effective.

U Brands is a corporation established in California that claims to be devoted to combining design, innovation, and efficiency. They understand that people don't always work from the office; sometimes it's from the kitchen table or even from that coffee shop with the fantastic lattes, and they need tools to keep them energized wherever their job takes them. The folks behind U Brand are driven to create those tools, to offer valuable, attractive, and diverse goods.

Nominally, they are a stationery company, but at their heart, they are a group of designers, inventors, and trendsetters – a group of people who value the process and pay attention to every detail. They are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, well-designed items that will inspire you to be productive every day. They currently have seven main product lines: Writing, Desktop, Journals, Filing, Office Tools, Boards, and Novelty.

The U Brands Pencil Cup is one of their most popular goods for sale today. In fact, ArtNews.com named this device one of the most delicate basket pencil holders for storing, writing, and drawing materials. Choose this wire metal pencil cup if you want a pencil cup with a little more flair. This pencil cup, made of gold wire in a chevron pattern, will keep your utensils organized while also adding a splash of vibrant color to your workplace. It is as gorgeous as it is functional for tidying and brightening any workstation.

The company's newer goods are also worth mentioning. For example, the Acrylic Weekly Board is an excellent addition to any home office. This efficient and elegant frameless Acrylic Weekly Calendar Dry Erase Board will transform your workstation considerably. Fill in weekly objectives, deadlines, projects, birthdays, and other important dates. Made of durable, transparent acrylic material with gold accented hardware, this piece adds a bit of flair to any room. Any little workspace, home office, or classroom will benefit from this size.

The Glass + Gold Desktop Dry Erase Easel is another smart way to stay organized. It's a fun and elegant method to keep track of messages, to-dos, and reminders, as well as clip projects for convenient viewing and drawing your favorite doodle. With a beautiful gold finish on a robust metal structure. At the same time, it's gorgeous and functional. If you need additional notification items, they also have a 14" by 14" White Metal Frame Linen Bulletin Board. This board will complement any minimalist workstation. Ideal for creating mood boards, pinning favorite images, grocery lists, keys, and other items. It also comes with two push pins and a simple mounting kit to get you started.

Items for you or your adolescent children might be found in their novelty line. The Animal Head Push Pins are a lovely gift idea. Put a pin in it! (or an elephant or a unicorn). With their ability to push through dense cork bulletin boards, these crazy push pins are no joke. Six different animal-head styles are included. You can pin images, projects, postcards, to-do lists, notes, letters, and delicate jewelry to the board. Any pinnable cork or linen bulletin board would look great with this. Perfect for the school, business, or home. The Unicorn Pencil Sharpener, Jumbo Unicorn Magnet, and Magnetic Ice Cream Cone Pen are also available.

They want to be a firm that gives back, and they have a soft spot for children. Every time you buy something from them, a percentage of the earnings go to the Kids in Need Foundation, and if they have excess inventory, they donate it all to their local schools.

With more than 50 employees and around $6 million in yearly revenue, U Brand is a pretty profitable company.

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Why buy U Brands

  • This company has succeeded to provide new and imaginative designs to workplaces that are both high-quality and cost-effective.
  • U Brand understands how offices can now mean anywhere, so their items can be used in many settings.
  • Most of their products are made here in the United States.
  • This is an entity that gives back, they have impressive charity initiatives in their locality.