Timeless Frames

Lisa Weber, the firm's CEO, is credited with sowing the company's seeds when she purchased a tiny picture frame manufacturing company in North Country, New York, in 1999.

Timeless Frames began with only seven employees making ready-made photo frames for retail shop clients. While many US firms relocated their operations to other countries, one local crew was adamant about staying in their beloved North Country.

The Timeless Crew swiftly expanded as the demand for their high-quality picture frames skyrocketed, and their team swelled to over 100 members. One of their greatest clients voiced a desire for custom frames fulfillment in the spring of 2005, and the seeds for Timeless Decor were sown.

Timeless Frames and Timeless Decor rapidly grew to over 200 employees and became known as the country's largest single-site custom framing factory. Everything from certified original works of art to baby baptism gowns has been hand-framed by over 100 certified custom picture framers.

Customer service is said to be one of the company's strong qualities. They claim that rather than simply posting a customer service motto on their walls or talking about client happiness, they strive to please and deliver. Every object is treated as though it were a priceless work of art. Whether it's a piece of artwork created by a child or a hole-in-one golf ball, the organization recognizes that its customers value it.

Timeless Expressions, their newest subsidiary, was created as a natural evolution, offering top-notch digital services across the country. Millions of clients now use their services to save their memories in a custom frame, a photo book, a coffee mug, or an online photo album.

The company North Country celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2009. They've grown through making picture frames, custom framing artwork, and giving world-class digital services over the years. Most significantly, they have remained focused on the demands of their clients.

In addition, the company claims to be contributing to environmental protection. They are a committed organization dedicated to making a difference in the world through recycling programs and responsible choice of materials.

Timeless Frames, Décor, and Expressions understand the value of community in their success and are committed to supporting a variety of local organizations. They find ways to give back on every level, whether it's through monetary donations or donating frames, participating in marches or local rallies. The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and Easter Seals Disability Services are among the 11 organizations they sponsor.

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Why buy Timeless Frames

  • They are one of the largest and longest-running frame manufacturers in the country with an impressive track record of satisfied customers over the years.
  • They take pride in manufacturing all their products in the US.
  • Customization is their major strength. Whether you need a frame for an expensive original work of art or your daughter’s doodling, they have you covered with their 100 certified custom framers.
  • They value the environment through their recycling efforts and responsible choice of materials.
  • Their corporate social responsibility is top-notch, supporting 11 worthwhile causes. It’s evidently a company that cares.
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