Suncast Commercial

This is a company that believes in continual development and innovation to make your life and job simpler as an industry leader in high-quality resin, wood, and metal products created in the United States for over 25 years. To that end, they're highly devoted to leading the way in highly deliberate products.

Waste disposal, material handling, hospitality, storage, and, most recently, personal protective equipment are among their product areas. They are committed to producing new goods for the commercial market as a manufacturing giant with more than 2.5 million sq. ft. of production and distribution facilities.

They claim to be vertically integrated to design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute from their Illinois warehouses, with over 100 injection molding, blow molding, roll form, progressive die stamping, powder coating, robotic paint lines, and extrusion machines, as well as roto-molding and structural foam capabilities. To develop new goods, they take the time to listen to their customers and end-users; listening to difficulties and adequately analyzing the concerns to build a solution yields the finest inventions. They have mastered this art and claim will continue to do so with each new item they offer.

Apparently, everything they do is on purpose. The way they create these goods, maintain their facilities, care for their employees, and administer the company all contribute to making the world a brighter, more dazzling place. A world that they are now creating with renewable energy and recyclable materials that is full of opportunity and equality for everyone's future. They take delight in knowing that every time the sunbeams on one of their Suncast goods, you'll think it's spectacular, too. Their dedication to reducing the carbon impact begins with the first rays of sunlight. The sun plays an integral part in the business, from the name to the settings where their goods grow, propelling them forward in all of their activities.

Helping companies promote sustainable practices for over two decades now, Suncast is a remarkably sustainable company itself. By 2025, they aim to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 25% across all facilities, and by 2040, they will have achieved net-zero carbon emissions. Solar electricity has been installed at one-third of their production facilities, and all of these plants will be partly solar-powered by the end of 2022. By that time, they will have replaced non-recyclable hardwood skids and blocks with recyclable corrugated cardboard counterparts.

Many clients are familiar with this business with the innovative, clever products that make their lives simpler and more efficient today, but the design for them extends farther. They're improving their offers by designing goods that include recycled content and can be recycled at the end of their lives, making life simpler for the consumers and the earth every day. They use all of the scrap resin they collect in their production process. These goods are not designed to be used once and then discarded; instead, they are designed to survive for several seasons, with replacement components available to extend their useful life. They exclusively use non-toxic, water-based paint as well.

It takes time to make a long-term difference; it takes daily effort. Suncast is continually looking to the future to improve its processes, products, and environment both inside and beyond the organization to have a positive influence. They've set ambitious, quantifiable objectives to build a future that's brilliant by design, from the way we produce great products to how they inspire the workers.

The company exclaims that everything is possible because of the people in it. They seek to cultivate a diverse community and encourage equal opportunity efforts to make new things possible for them, from paying all of their employees a decent wage to aiding underprivileged areas through on-the-job training and apprenticeship. More than 70% of their manufacturing workforce is made up of black, indigenous, and people of color people. Through their cooperation with AutonomyWorks, they are in the midst of entirely staffing a production plan with up to 40 persons with autism.

Because they recruit from community colleges with at least 50% minority student populations, their apprentice program benefits underprivileged communities, the program combines paid on-the-job training with technical training to generate qualified people who are ready for occupations that need precision skills. These folks also graduate from college debt-free.

Suncast Commercial goods are proudly made in Batavia, Illinois, while certain items may contain components obtained from other parts of the world. Through agreements with the world's leading distributors and merchants, all of their items are available worldwide. Their best offers can be found only here on Interiorbeat!

Suncast is a massive corporation with over 800 employees. The conglomerate makes over 300 million dollars a year in revenue.

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  • They have more than 25 years of manufacturing expertise.
  • They make all their products solely in the United States.
  • Their workplace inclusion initiatives are outstanding, with a diverse workforce that even includes people with autism.
  • They employ state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technologies.
  • They take the concerns and feedback of their end-users into consideration whenever they develop new products.
  • Their environmental practices are likewise top-notch.
  • Helping companies promote sustainable practices for over two decades now, Suncast is a remarkably sustainable company itself.