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The company started as a small regional lamp business founded by J.D. Webster, Sr., in 1969. The entity is still family-owned today and is directed by CEO Jimmy Webster II. Over the last four decades, they have expanded into a global corporation utilizing more than 450 people in multiple locations. 

From shops in six states and two foreign countries, StyleCraft Home Collection sells lighting, wall décor, mirrors, decorative accessories, and decorative accent furniture to thousands of discerning consumers all over the world. In addition, the brand manufactures framed art and mirrors in the United States and imports merchandise from 28 different nations.

Years of dedication to people and service come with being a family-owned business. Thanks to their family origins and lengthy history, the Websters have totally invested in giving the finest to their clients.

Jimmy Webster III, the company's CEO, has a long history in the home design sector. He has a long, impressive list of achievements that are both impressive and motivating. Today's credible brand, the StyleCraft Home Collection, is the result of Webster having spent the last two decades building and nurturing the business.

StyleCraft is headquartered in Southaven, Mississippi, just south of Memphis. It is well-positioned to supply its value-driven goods to clients across the United States. The 400,000 square foot complex provides StyleCraft stores in Highpoint, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Tupelo, Mississippi, and functions as an office, showroom, and warehouse. In addition, the firm has offices and galleries in Dongguan City and Guandong, China, as well as Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for sourcing, quality control, and product design.

The purpose and promise of this company are to provide high-quality items with intelligent design at reasonable prices. They take pleasure in the consistent value they provide, which clients can count on. Customers can trust Styleworks never to stop designing and innovating in hopes of always being able to grace the market with something new.

The Brooks cabinet, a two-door cabinet constructed of straight grain ash veneer, is one of their most popular items. This exquisite piece may be used to decorate your bedroom while also storing your clothing, socks, and other items. It may be used as a gorgeous platform for consoles and other entertainment devices in the living room.

Stylecraft also sells very peculiar decorative items as uniqueness is evidently one of their core values. Modern Port 9 is a contemporary painted and gloss-coated metal wall sculpture, for example. In essence, it's simply a bunch of metal squares, but being put together like it is, the squares make for an elegant touch to any wall in your home. It's one of those items that scream sophistication in the face of simplicity.

StyleCraft product development team members travel the world, designing cutting-edge items based on global inspiration, striking patterns and aesthetics, cutting-edge trends, and profound artistry. As a result, their practices have established StyleCraft as a pioneer in all things home.

StyleCraft collaborates with artists and designers worldwide to deliver their clients the most beautiful and unique creations possible. Their carefully chosen relationships have aided in the development and elevation of the brand into what it is today. Before the partnerships, these designers are reported to have been thoroughly inspected and evaluated. Consequently, there are only a handful of these designers in the company, and they make sure to provide customers with one-of-a-kind designs that are miles away from what is mainstream in the market.

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  • They have over a half-century of expertise in the industry, making them one of the most dependable brands available.
  • This company's mission and pledge is to deliver high-quality, intelligently designed things at reasonable prices.
  • Customers can rely on StyleCrafts to never stop inventing and innovating in the goal of always being able to provide something fresh to the market.
  • Uniqueness is at the heart of everything they do. That is why if you're looking for products that are far from what is common, StyleCrafts is the right place.
  • Members of the StyleCraft product development team traverse the globe, creating innovative things based on global inspiration, striking patterns and aesthetics, cutting-edge trends, and profound creativity.
  • To provide their clients with the most beautiful and distinctive items imaginable, StyleCraft partners with artists and designers all around the world.
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