Storex was created in September 1998 in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, following the successful sale of a prior plastics manufacturing firm. The company's current proprietors have a lifetime of experience in a variety of plastic procedures. Storex was founded on this expertise and experience, which led to its entry into the market as a producer of plastic office equipment and classroom supplies.

By launching their award-winning re-design of the 3-ring binder, Storex immediately invaded the competitive market. The business grew from there as retail outlets secured Storex's supply of binders and demanded more from the little start-up company. Storex expanded its activities to incorporate folders and report covers in order to please clients. The most significant expansion for Storex as a company occurred when they released a range of storage/filing solutions. Storex expanded its operations in 2001, moving to a more prominent location in LaSalle, Quebec. At present, the company produces and distributes its complete product range from a single location in Montreal, Quebec.

Storex is still a family-owned and operated business, but its production capacity is far greater than that of many North American corporations. Sheet extrusion, metal pressing, plastic bonding, and, most importantly, some of the heaviest mold injections in Canada are all available in-house. They produce all their commodities in their 125,000 square foot facility in Canada, which has a comprehensive set of manufacturing and distribution equipment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They own around 20 plastic mold injection machines, a metal shaping line, and a massive plastic sheet extrusion line, making them among Canada's largest injection molding companies. Filing, presentation, furnishings, storage and archiving, workplace accessories, and many more areas are represented in their product ranges.

They get the majority of their raw resources from North America. They create one-of-a-kind metal/plastic hybrid cupboards and an all-resin storing system that outperforms existing market goods in terms of both quality and pricing. They also sell items made entirely of post-consumer materials gathered through local recycling programs, whereas the present market solely offers post-industrial waste products.

Currently, Storex has seven principal product lines, namely Furniture, Classroom, Desk Accessories, Mailroom, Janitorial, Organization, and Portable Filing. The Classroom line is the most profitable of these. This collection includes a variety of colorful and long-lasting organizational products. The Storex Translucent Cubbies are tinted in bright colors yet transparent enough to clearly recognize contents from a distance, making them ideal for classroom organization. Their assortment of Caddies and trays are an excellent combination for organizing and storing your arts and crafts supplies. Their Paint cup is perfect for arts and crafts and school projects, whether you're using watercolor, acrylics, or finger paint. A 10-well color and mixing palette is combined with a central water cup in this 2-in-1 design. The distinctive design helps to prevent spills and tip-overs.

Using and complementing several Storex goods is one of the most excellent methods to get the most out of their products. You may save a lot of room by storing your art supplies in our Pencil Boxes and Project Boxes and have everything you need for your Arts and Crafts activities right at your fingertips with their Large Trays.

Storex Industries is a well-known producer of mass-market plastic office and school furniture. They are based in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada where they employ more than 100 people. They also boast an annual revenue of well over 20 million dollars.

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  • They have over 20 years of expertise in the industrial business.
  • Storex was formed on vast knowledge and experience, which led to the company's introduction into the market as a manufacturer of plastic office and school supplies.
  • Storex dominated the market with their award-winning re-design of the 3-ring binder.
  • Its production capacity is significantly more extensive than many North American firms.
  • They design one-of-a-kind metal/plastic hybrid cabinets and an all-resin storage system that beats existing market items in terms of quality and cost.