Steelmaster is one of the few major manufacturers specializing in office organization solutions. Block and Company, Incorporated, which BankSupplies, Inc. later bought on November 10th, 2021, carries the Steelmaster trademark. The Steelmaster brand remains intact and continues to provide cutting-edge workplace organizers. The firm also develops and sells money-handling supplies and security equipment throughout the United States, especially to banking institutions and, to a lesser extent, casinos, hospitality, vending enterprises, libraries, and restaurants. You can find their items here at Ineriorbeat.

Block has been booming since 1934 by delivering industry experience, creative solutions, and exceptional customer service. Their objective from the start has been to figure out how they can assist you to increase productivity, security, and efficiency. This corporation boasts a long, illustrious story, tallying over 80 years of recorded experience, something that very few firms can claim. Block and Company was founded in 1934 by Mitchell Block, a young law student who noticed a need for specialized office supplies for attorneys. Mitchell personally sourced all materials and created the first Block and Company brochures two years later. Mitchell extended the firm to service banks in 1946, producing customized cabinets and anodized aluminum money trays in banks, and Block and Company received its first patent for Color-Keyed Coin Tubes over 20 years later. The Porta-Count Currency Trays were introduced six years after that, and they are still popular coin management solutions for businesses today. Block then established a range of bespoke countersigns, perpetual calendars, and other items to satisfy consumer communications and promotional needs in 1962. In the 1960s, the firm snowballed that it was able to relocate to its current production location in Wheeling, Illinois. More office and manufacturing space meant better customer service and more innovative goods, such as security pens, key cabinets, key tags, and keyhole signals. Block developed the first Wedgy Pen in the early 1970s, which is now extensively used by banks and merchants across the country. In the early 1990s, Block established a cut-and-sew bag business in Bristol, Tennessee, to produce a line of specialist bags for securing and transporting money and papers.

Block and the Steelmaster brand continued to extend their product offerings, now offering a comprehensive array of office items, cleaning and breakroom supplies, as well as a wide range of signs and displays. Block marked its 70th anniversary in 2011 with a new logo, a new style, and a renewed commitment to offering knowledge and creative solutions to meet the demands of its clients. In 2021, Block celebrated its 80th anniversary, a significant milestone that allowed it to reaffirm its commitment to its consumers.

Cash Management, Workplace Organization, and Key Management are the three primary product lines offered by Steelmaster. For decades, their money management tools have been renowned across the world. This product line will help you store, organize, and safeguard your belongings with high-quality, creative goods. The majority of these are made of sturdy steel and have a scratch- and chip-resistant coating. They have a range of sizes available and different storage and locking choices, and these things are small enough to fit in any cash handling situation.

The Steelmaster Steel Card File Drawers are also among their most popular products today. This cabinet is made of high-quality, heavy-gauge steel with a scratch- and chip-resistant coating. It has easy-slide drawers that accommodate roughly 1,500 cards in each drawer for optimum card storage capacity. A label holder for personalized content identification and a strong pull lever for simple opening and shutting are included on the drawer door, and a follower block with a compressor lock at the rear of the drawer maintains cards upright when the drawer is not filled. The rubberized, non-mar feet protect the cabinet from slipping or tilting even when stacked. This item is available in a gorgeous matte black finish.

Their headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois, houses a 125,000-square-foot production plant as well as various distribution centers around the country. They source only the highest-quality goods and produce a large portion of their entire product range in the United States. They've happily serviced the financial, gambling, hotel, education, restaurant, retail, and vending industries throughout the years. This family-owned business employs more than 200 people across many sites and earns more than $100 million in yearly revenue.

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  • Steelmaster is one of the few major manufacturers specializing in office organization solutions, and they are pretty excellent at it.
  • This family-owned company has 80 years of manufacturing experience.
  • They source only the highest-quality goods and produce a large portion of their entire product range in the United States.
  • Steelmaster owns several patents, indicating an innovative approach in its manufacturing.