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Purchasing a mattress appears to be more difficult than ever. You may either shop at a store or spend hours online searching through more than 30 different bed-in-a-box firms. It's a dream come true when you find the right one. Nothing compares to being able to rest through the night without having to toss and turn for hours to find a comfortable position. The Stearns and Foster company excels in this area.

This firm has a long and illustrious track record in the sector. George S. Stearns and Seth C. Foster started it in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1846. Cotton goods and mattresses were its main products, and the company's offices stayed in Cincinnati. On December 21, 1983, the Ohio-Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Company purchased it. The Lockland plant's mattress manufacturing activity was shut down on September 30, 1993. Sealy continues to sell mattresses under the "Stearns & Foster" name. On September 4, 1985, the nonwoven textiles division was sold to Morley P. Thompson, Sr., and the business was rebranded as Stearns & Foster Technical Textiles Company. The Lockland facility split premises with the Sealy-owned Stearns & Foster activities. In 1986, it was renamed Stearns Technical Textiles Company. Notwithstanding its turbulent history, it has continued to produce high-quality goods to this day. Many of their items have received numerous accolades.

A team of "Master Craftsmen" constructs each Stearns & Foster mattress. One mattress takes four people about eight hours to create from start to end. This is almost double the time it takes other firms, per the company, because they add extra details like hand-tufting and stitched borders to boost longevity. Stearns & Foster beds, like all mattresses in the United States as of 2007, are fire-resistant. The business employs a machine in a dedicated fire lab to ignite the mattress on fire or attempt to. Despite being enveloped in flames, the bed can endure the heat. Each day, the business chooses one of the approximately 30 mattresses created in its facility at random to go through these and other quality control testing. Do you have that unpleasant body droop that makes it difficult to sleep? Stearns & Foster devised a test to decrease drooping; thus, it appears to be prevented. A 240-pound weight rolls over a mattress many times. According to the business, this is repeated 100,000 times to determine how much sinking happens. An AI-controlled dummy gets in and out of bed in another experiment. Over four days, this will happen around 4,999 more times to ensure that your mattress does not droop in the following ten years. Every step they take demonstrates their manufacturing competence.

The Lux Estate Cassat Bed is one of their newest items, and it has earned rave reviews on the market. It's the small elements that matter in a well-decorated bedroom. As a result, the Lux Estate Collection offers all of the extras you've come to expect. Indulge HD Memory Foam provides a responsive, easy-to-mold feel. Their unique IntelliCoil HD technology gives your body the optimal amount of support. All for the sake of delivering next-level comfort. Premium, naval upholstery-grade fabrics guarantee that your mattress's classic style lasts for years to come, while velvet inset knobs, embroidery, and bronze air vents add to the appeal. You can find this item and more at Interiorbeat.

Today, they're celebrating 175 years of outstanding design. Craftsmanship, quality, and comfort have always been at the center of everything they do at Stearns & Foster. They've always put exceptional, timeless design at the heart of their operations, and they're always on the hunt for new locations, objects, ideas, and people to inspire them. They've even established an inaugural design council. These highly sought-after interior design specialists will provide you with the most up-to-date design trends and advice to assist you in creating your ideal bedroom. They ensure that every mattress is constructed to meet your expectations of outstanding with a staff of Certified Master Craftsmen that have perfected their art through time and quality materials designed to last year after year.

Every Stearns & Foster mattress layer is created with you in mind, from the velvety memory foams to the reactive support of their proprietary coils. This business has grown to be a huge success. The Stearns and Foster name is responsible for about 100 employees and over $10 million in yearly sales under the Sealy Corporation.

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  • This firm has a long and illustrious track record in the sector. They have 175 years of recorded experience.
  • Many of their goods have received numerous accolades.
  • The Stearns and Foster company has multiple patents under its belt.
  • They have a dedicated design council and a group of certified "master craftsmen" who construct their products.
  • All their mattresses have undergone rigorous testing that includes AI-controlled weights and robotic dummies to ensure the longevity of their products.
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