Sparco was initially an Italian car component and accessory manufacturer based in Volpiano, near Turin, specializing in seats, steering wheels, harnesses, racewear, and helmets. Since then, they have expanded into manufacturing many other things. OZ Group manufactures Sparco branded alloy wheels under license. They also support a variety of motor races, including rallies and single-seaters.

The firm was formed in 1977 in Italy and is still owned by Italians today; it is a significant maker of racing safety equipment. SPARCO, an abbreviation for Società Produzione Articoli Competizione, was formed by three teenage rally racers who wanted to provide the world of motoring more excellent safety and style. Their initial product was a fireproof racing suit that could resist 11 seconds in a fire, a world record at the time. This resistance was sufficient to satisfy new FIA 8856-2000 requirements. Furthermore, it was the only viable alternative to the cotton racing suits, which were neither fireproof nor compliant with the new regulations. Sparco enhanced their technology year after year, increasing the fire resistance of their suits annually.

SPARCO goods become a point of reference for the world of car contests after only a few months: fireproof jackets, running shoes, protective gloves, and helmets become a must-have for pilots seeking better safety. The first world title happened in 1983, only five years after the company's founding: Nelson Piquet, driving a Brabham BT52, won the Formula One championship while wearing a SPARCO suit. SPARCO Motor Sports Inc. in California, founded in 1996, was a crucial site for the firm to develop into the enormous and competitive American racing industry. Thus was established the SPARCO Group, which began diversifying its business in the 2000s by aggressively entering the area of carbon fiber vehicle components ("Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM") for the world's most prominent sports and luxury supercars. Today, the Group continues to introduce new innovations: the company's primary business is always Motorsport, but projects relating to "other worlds" are not absent. SPARCO Teamwork is a line of safety shoes with a recognizable Racing style, a visible reflection of the strong know-how gained in the field of protective equipment. It was formed from the notion of safety, which has always been a vital feature in the brand's history. Moreover, SPARCO Gaming is developed from the company's vast experience in creating chairs and composite materials, allowing it to boldly enter the worlds of E-sports and SIM Racing, establishing itself as a virtual reference point.

Building on their foundation in the racing items industry and capitalizing on the growing demand for racing-centric gaming chairs used in many homes and even offices, Sparco has recently launched a line of stunning gaming lounge chairs that check all the boxes for people looking for such items. For example, the Sparco R100 is one of their most popular products in this category. It's the latest version of SPARCO's revolutionary steel-model seat. The R100 maintains SPARCO's legacy of providing groundbreaking tuning seats with updated bolsters for more support, new padding combinations for enhanced comfort, and a new choice of accent colors as well as contemporary aesthetics.

Sparco has also recently expanded its product categories to include several workplace supplies. They sell various items, including staplers, thermal paper rolls, key cabinets, money trays, and even clipboards. The Sparco Secure Key Cabinet is one of their most well-known products in this category. The cabinet's white key tags are numbered 1-60 and are organized sequentially in three packs of 20. It also includes ten "Key sent out" tags that may be written on with grease or a dry erase marker when issuing keys. It also includes generic key inventory and key log sheets that you could print out and use as your primary key log if you didn't have another standardized form—the door swings to the right, which is a pleasant feature of this key box.

Sparco now employs around 800 individuals across the globe, from Europe to America and Africa. Their distribution network spans 80 countries, and they have a strong presence in Motorsport at the highest levels, from Formula One with Alfa Romeo Racing and McLaren to the World Rally Championship with Citroen Racing and Ford.

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  • Sparco has been in business for more than 40 years.
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