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The Southern Motion brand, founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, had a rocky start, but they eventually established a solid foothold in the furniture market. Southern Motion has grown as a household name for furniture over the years, bringing new offerings to the customers seeking elegance and relaxation.

The concept was straightforward at first: simply build reclining chairs and make them better than anyone else had done before. They only needed a name. The company's co-founder  Guy Lipscomb and his wife Sandy were out shopping one day when they stumbled upon an artwork by an Alabama artist labeled "Southern Motion." Since then, the artwork not only served as the basis for the brand name but also epitomized the concept of all Southern Motion products, which is designed with relaxation and comfort in mind.

Southern Motion has risen to the top of the motion furniture business in terms of design and innovation. They employ nearly 1,500 people in five Mississippi-based facilities, helping to create jobs and high-quality products for Americans.

The company has respected its hardworking staff for over 20 years. Their staff's dedication and commitment are credited for driving their success and high-quality motion furniture. The owners believe that American employees are very much capable of producing high-quality, low-cost items.  Working for Southern Motion, one of Northern Mississippi's leading furniture makers, has been claimed to allow employees to learn new skills, make a decent wage for their families, and have a chance for faster career growth by taking advantage of unrivaled company benefits. The firm is still devoted to America after more than 20 years in operation, and they continue to be proud of not just the quality of their furniture but also the dedication and commitment of their employees.

In all areas of motion furniture, Southern Motion has now become a frontrunner in quality and engineering. In their continued endeavor to make the "World's Best Reclining Furniture," the company now owns five massive Mississippi-based facilities!

The 1007 Fame Recliner, a reclining chair with a conventional hourglass arm form, is one of their best-selling items to date. The wings have a similar shape, ensuring that the Fame will stand out in any room. Those who are privileged enough to be handed the Fame will be treated to a poly-foam bucket sitting with a pad-over-chaise cushion structure.  Like their other latest offerings, this comes with a motorized headrest option that, when combined with the power recline capabilities, allows an infinite number of options to fine-tune to just the "perfect" spot. Southern Motion's supply of add-ons in all of its goods is another amazing feature. For example, the Fame Recliner includes features like a Power Headrest, a USB port, and their distinctive Massage & Heat.

Southern Motion is also delighted to be a long-time sponsor of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life campaign, which is the world's largest and most helpful fundraising organization for cancer research. In fact, they've been an active participant in Relay for Life since 2007, and they're still going strong in 2021 as one of the best teams in the country!

The amount of the company's donation in 2020 was reported to be $123,400.26, and that's fairly outstanding considering their overall philanthropic contributions since 2007 have been a whopping $1,908,684. 

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Why buy Southern Motion

  • Their reclining chairs are arguably one of the best in the market. If you're looking for one and being in business for a long time, you are likely to find many user reviews about their items.
  • They have a remarkable track record of over 25 years of providing quality furniture in the country.
  • They employ well over 1500 employees in their massive manufacturing facilities in Mississippi, which undoubtedly helps the country's employment rate in a significant way.
  • They manufacture their products solely in the United States.
  • Their transparent charitable efforts are huge, totaling over $1.9 million since 2007.
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