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Necessity, as they say, is the beginning of innovation. This looks to be what South Shore is doing, as its products are based on the challenges that individuals face on a regular basis. Members of the South Shore team frequently discuss their day-to-day design challenges. The design problems of their own life never fail to provide fresh inspiration for them.

It's popular to create for the sake of design. It is necessary to design for the purpose of life.  Some individuals carry their work home with them, but it is said that their designers are more likely to bring their work home with them. They face the same design problems as you, which drives them to develop products that combine form and function while constantly inviting remarks.

This firm is proud of its use of 3D printing technology to ensure that the ideas they see on screens and in their heads are realized in the real world. People are at the core of South Shore, according to the corporation. Still, they're also armed with advanced tools to offer high-quality products. They have 1.4 million square feet of production and distribution facilities across North America, which is impressive. They're happy to produce furniture — and employment — in your neighborhood.

This brand ensures that your furniture can withstand the rigors of everyday living. They construct every item in-house before shipping it out so you can feel like a DIY pro when it's your turn to put it together. They go to considerable lengths to ensure that their goods get safely to you. They put them through a test in which they drop them 23 times. That's quite comforting.

This brand has a long and colorful history as if it was straight from a children's book. Eugène Laflamme founded a modest toy business in Saint-Romuald and employed three people after losing his job as a writer and temporarily working at a bank. When he learned that a sawmill in Sainte-Croix had gone bankrupt, he borrowed $2,000 from his uncle, a priest in Quebec City, and purchased the old mill. Shortly after, he relocated his business to Sainte-Croix and began producing furniture, beginning with dining room sets, on the recommendation of his brother-in-law. The plant was devastated by fire in 1941. Eugène had no insurance, but the town apparently rallied behind him and assisted him in his recovery.

Today, South Shore designs and manufactures a multitude of furnishings, including armoires, desks, dressers, beds, nightstands, storage tables, changing tables, bookcases, TV stands, media towers, and more. 

The South Shore staff seems like one giant family, regardless of whether an employee's last name is Laflamme or not. Younger generations continue to enter the organization, and they, like Jean, work hard to take on fascinating new tasks.

This company has always believed in giving back to society and being socially responsible. Eugène and Guy both served as mayors of Sainte-Croix, where they were instrumental in improving the town's infrastructures and instilling a sense of togetherness. Over half of the community used to work at their manufacturing facility.

They still think that community is everything at South Shore today.  They invest in their employees and clearly care about their clients. More significantly, they support causes that are important to them, particularly those affecting youth and children's well-being.

Today, the firm produces approximately 850 different goods. They also employ over a thousand people in two Quebec factories, a Juárez, Mexico facility, and a distribution center located in El Paso, Texas. Each day, the firm sends about 4,000 pieces of furniture, with 10,000 sent at peak times. It is without a doubt one of the furniture industry's success stories.

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  • The South Shore Furniture Company has nearly a century of experience in the furniture industry. It's impossible to go wrong with them.
  • According to the company, people are at the heart of South Shore. They are, nevertheless, equipped with modern tools in order to provide high-quality items.
  • Across North America, they have 1.4 million square feet of production and distribution facilities. They're delighted to create furniture — and jobs — in your community.
  • This brand guarantees that your furniture will be able to resist the demands of daily use.
  • Giving back to society and being socially responsible has always been a priority for this organization. They support a variety of worthwhile initiatives.
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