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S.I.S. Enterprises, Inc. is a textile furnishings mills company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The company employs 110 people across all its facilities and generates about $9 million in annual revenue.

Theirs is a fascinating story. Both in their twenties, Shari Hammer and Cyndi Ritger wanted to spend time with their young children while also earning a living. The young women were out shopping one day when they came across a futon mattress on the floor of Depth of Field. That item had no frame, and it still seemed pretty adequate, being just a mattress. There's a new piece of furniture in the house! When Shari and Cyndi saw that the only covers available were black and white, they decided that this mattress needed some personality and color.  It was indeed an exciting, fantastic opportunity for two intelligent, stylish, artistic, and active young women.

The Futon Association was founded around this time, and it was a relatively small organization. In 1987, Shari and Cyndi were able to attend the company's second exposition in Montreal. The sisters haggled three fabric swatches from a mill in preparation for the performance. The samples were then quickly sewn into three covers—Cyndi and Shari's hand-painted futon coverings to sell during the show to expand the options. The new product, the futon, piqued the interest of the sellers. And they were ecstatic with S.I.S.'s offering. Premium futon covers were born.

Shari and Cyndi arrived home with a stack of orders in their hands. They started to work while changing diapers, cleaning noses, nursing booboos in Cyndi's basement, and hand painting covers in the backyard.

Cyndi eventually departed the company, and Shari's husband, Joe Hammer, joined as Chief Financial Officer. Joe was willing to give up his great profession in finance to assist S.I.S. Enterprises grow because of his deep conviction in Shari and S.I.S. Enterprises.

S.I.S. Enterprises have grown into a vital component of the still-burgeoning international futon industry through a history of hard work, excellent decisions, and aesthetic flair.

Their Great Gatsby-inspired bedroom collection is currently one of their most appealing offerings. Soft and sweet sumptuous gentle waves of pleated velvet in rich Atlantic blue makeup this ensemble. One of this product's primary strengths is its revolutionary no-shift design. The alternative down comforter is secured in place by eight concealed buttons hidden under the duvet cover. One duvet cover or lined and filled bed cap, one quality down alternative comforter insert, two pieces of bed pillow shams, one upper-class pillow, and one Blue Tide pillow are all included.

S.I.S. has expanded its premises from 800 square feet to 76,000 square feet, and its fabric inventory has increased from 150 yards to 500,000 yards. Daybed coverings, top of the bed, and window curtains have all been added to the S.I.S. product line.

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  • Their items are cutting-edge, and they are thought to represent current color and design trends to match your mood and personality.
  • Every six months, their fabrics are updated. They are always looking for new textiles, spotting trends, and setting them.
  • They have a friendly staff who can assist you in matching fabrics and items. You are not at all limited with what you can create with your design.
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