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Shain Solutions, a close sibling company of Diversified Woodcrafts, is a well-known name in the school furniture sector. Their scientific, art studio, and career preparation furnishings may be seen in almost every school across the country. Shain collaborates with industry leaders to create high-quality, creative science, art, and other educational goods for today's kids.

Shain Solutions, known for its high-quality science laboratory and art room furniture, has everything you need to outfit your lab, studio, or science classroom.

Choose from a budget-friendly laminate scientific lab table that's perfect for non-chemical biology and physics classes. Shain Solutions offers innovative lab table surfaces such as ChemGuard, Epoxy Resin, and Phenolic Resin. These surfaces can be found on a variety of additional casework and demo stations and in upper-level science and professional labs.

With one of Shain's science workstations, you can create a permanent science lab layout with plenty of space for students and teachers to assemble and learn. The popular Forward Vision Workstation with epoxy resin top is their best-selling science workstation, and science teachers all around the country love it. You can also use Shain's comprehensive solutions for all your classroom and studio storage needs, such as the Split Level Storage Cabinet or the Mobile Balance Storage Cabinet for when mobility is a must.

Shain Solutions and Diversified Woodcrafts have integrated their manufacturing operations to produce everything an art classroom needs. Art tables, flat files, art supply storage, drafting tables, and even culinary arts equipment can be used to provide your art students with a variety of creative support. Also available are simple arts and crafts planning tables to heavy-duty workbenches with vices and technological platforms for woodworking tools and equipment.

Shain Solutions is a well-known manufacturer of school storage solutions in addition to lamps, chairs, and tables. They make durable lockers for a variety of schools across the country. One of their current bestsellers, however, is the All-Purpose Tool Storage Cabinet. It's a classy cabinet in which to store all of one's valuables. It has everything you need in a single storage unit. It's a well-made piece that will keep all of your tools safe and organized. You have the option of buying this item with or without tools, and it features numerous tool pegs, a mounted plug-mold strip with six outlets, a switch, breaker, cord, and plug. It is manufactured out of solid maple and maple veneer and has locks on both of its doors. For safety, this cabinet should be attached to a wall. The mounting equipment is sold separately.

Shain Solutions is dedicated to offering high-quality educational furnishings for all career-preparation classes and programs. Furniture products are used to expand culinary arts, arts and design, robotics, and agricultural programs. As STEM and robotics programs spread across the country, Shain teamed with VEX Robotics to design workbenches and specialized robotics storage cabinets.

Shain manufactures all of its products in the United States and offers quick shipping. They now claim to be the market leader in educational furniture and casework, having built fine furniture for over 40 years. Shain Solution desks, tables, cabinets, and other items can be seen in schools all around the country. It's a narrative they're proud of, from their humble beginnings to their 100,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility.

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  • Whether it's for science labs, libraries, or art studios, there's a vast range of furniture available for any school setting.
  • Shain Solutions creates environmentally friendly and sustainable goods that help to safeguard the environment while also making the world a healthier and greener place.
  • Shain wants to help young people thrive by providing them with the most engaging, innovative, and secure learning environment possible.
  • Every piece of equipment purchased from Shain Solutions comes with a lifetime warranty, which means free repairs for the rest of your life.
  • When you choose Shain Solutions, you're selecting one of the most reputable instructional furniture producers in the marketplace today.
  • The company promises you get the finest value for money as it has over 45 years of experience in the field.
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