In 1881, Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin constructor, founded this company by creating cotton-filled mattresses for friends in Sealy, Texas. He then designed a cotton compression machine in 1889, and he was eventually able to sell the rights to producers in other areas since the mattresses were so popular. He licensed the equipment to create beds under the trademark "mattresses from Sealy" based on its popularity.

Posturepedic Mattresses are one of their most well-known items today. Orthopedic doctors are reported to have devised the technology behind this product range in the 1950s. Increased support, better coils, and a breathable, antimicrobial cover are all features of this mattress, making it ideal for starter houses, permanent homes, and everything in between. It also comes with a durable, soft knit fabric cover that is moisture-wicking to keep you cool and antimicrobial to preserve your mattress. This gel-infused version of Sealy's classic foam provides cushioning comfort and flexible, lasting support. The mattress's denser gel foam in the core offers additional comfort for the heaviest region of your body, which is where you need it the most. These enclosed coils give extra stability and support and more flexibility for tailored comfort and less motion transmission.

Earl Edwards bought the patents and learned production from Haynes in 1906, following a successful career as an advertising executive. He then renamed his new firm "Sealy" and developed it to a national market. Sealy expanded through licensing, comparable to Coca-Cola, due to a lack of manufacturing funds. Sealy had 28 licensed facilities by 1920, making it the first mattress firm to use a licensing model to expand. The mattress industry took a beating during the Great Depression and Sealy lost the majority of its licensees and just avoided going bankrupt. The firm merged with the remaining licensees to form Sealy, Incorporated, which is currently known as Sealy, Incorporated.

The history of this firm is a roller-coaster ride. Sealy started out as a franchisor with its headquarters in Chicago. According to the conditions of their licensing agreement, its licensees were only allowed to sell in a predetermined trade area that did not clash with those of other franchisees. The largest licensee, Cleveland-based Ohio Mattress Company, owned by the Wuliger family, disregarded these limits and marketed into markets that were previously only available to other franchisees. In 1971, Ohio Mattress filed an antitrust complaint against Sealy due to the fight. After fifteen years, Ohio Mattress was declared the winner with a near-total triumph. Sealy Corporation and all except one of the other franchisees were compelled to sell to Ohio Mattress after failing to come up with the $77 million fine, and the firm went on to become the world's largest mattress maker by sales.

In 1997, Bain Capital and a group of Sealy senior executives bought the company, and in 2004, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and a group of Sealy executives repurchased it. Until 2005, the firm was a privately held enterprise. It also launched an IPO of common stock on June 30 of that year. Finally, Tempur-Pedic International announced in September 2012 that it had agreed to buy Sealy. Despite its rocky managerial past, Sealy remains one of the world's leading mattress producers. It has 25 facilities in the United States and accounts for 17.8% of all mattress sales in the country.

They claim always to follow and even exceed industry requirements to protect the longevity of your mattress. All of their mattresses are proudly made in the United States and have undergone extensive quality, comfort, and support testing. This brand has been a pioneer of mattress technology for the past 65 years. They've combined their knowledge and discoveries to create technology that provides deep, tailored help when and when you need it.

The current location of Sealy's corporate headquarters is in Trinity, North Carolina. The bulk of Sealy's mattresses is sold under three distinct brands: Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, and Bassett. It's relatively effortless to see why so many businesses and individuals have competed for Sealy over the years. Their high-quality, inventive goods have now earned them a phenomenal yearly income of 600 million dollars. They also employ around 4500 employees at their various sites.

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  • Sealy has been manufacturing quality mattresses for over 100 years.
  • This brand accounts for 17.8% of all mattress sales in the country, meaning you’ll never quite go wrong with them.
  • They always follow and even exceed industry requirements to protect the longevity of your mattress.
  • They have more than 100 patents under their belt.
  • All their products are manufactured in the United States and have undergone extensive quality, comfort, and support testing.
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