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Aside from its widely renowned mattresses, Sealy is noted for producing high-quality convertible couches. These types of furnishings have been on the market for a while, but they are a relatively new option at Sealy. These sofa convertibles are absolutely extraordinary, thanks to their significant knowledge in mattresses and cutting-edge production technology. The Sedona Sofa, for example, will be a big hit in your living area. The Sedona, with its multipurpose and unique design, is not only a modern and attractive couch, but it is also ideal for when you need to change your living room into an extra bedroom quickly. When needed, the sofa may be quickly converted into a full-functioning bed. It also has a matching ottoman for maximum lounging enjoyment. The said ottoman has a convertible tray table and additional storage for remotes, magazines, and other items.

The textiles on Sealy's couch convertibles are intended for daily use. It's long-lasting and resistant to wrinkling, crushing, and fading. They're handy and straightforward to clean, allowing you to preserve the new appearance for years to come. They used 140 years of bed manufacturing experience, cutting-edge engineering, and manufacturing excellence. Their convertibles use a 2.5" pre-loaded foam-encased Sealy pocket coil in the seat and backrest, which respond to your every move and deliver a pleasant sitting and sleeping experience.

Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, pioneered this whole enterprise in 1881 by making cotton-filled mattresses for friends in Sealy, Texas. He subsequently invented a type of cotton-compression machine in 1889, and because the mattresses were immensely popular, he succeeded at selling the rights to industrialists in other regions. Based on its constant fame, he leased the technology to produce beds under the name "mattresses from Sealy."

Following a stellar career as an advertising executive, Earl Edwards purchased the patents and learned manufacturing principles from Haynes in 1906. He dubbed his newly-formed company "Sealy" and took it to the national marketplace. Due to a shortage of operational funding, Sealy expanded through licensing, much like what Coca-Cola did. By 1920, Sealy had upwards of 28 licensed facilities, making it the first-ever mattress company to employ a licensing strategy to grow. However, during the Great Depression, the mattress industry took a battering, and Sealy lost the bulk of its licensees and just escaped bankruptcy. The company amalgamated with the remaining licensees to become Sealy, Inc.

This firm's history is a roller-coaster journey. Sealy began as a franchisor with headquarters in Chicago. As per the terms of their licensing agreement, its licensees were only permitted to sell in a defined trade area that did not conflict with the trade areas of other franchisees. The largest licensee, Cleveland-based Ohio Mattress Company, controlled by the Wuliger family, ignored these restrictions and expanded into territories previously solely open to other franchisees. Due to this conflict, Ohio Mattress filed an antitrust case against Sealy in 1971. After fifteen years, Ohio Mattress emerged as the victor. Failing to abide by the $77 million fine, Sealy Corporation was forced to sell to Ohio Mattress, and the company went on to become the world's largest mattress manufacturer by sales.

Bain Capital then purchased the firm in 1997, and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and a group of Sealy executives repurchased it in 2004. Until 2005, the company was privately held, but on June 30, the same year, it also issued an IPO of common stock. Finally, in September of 2012, Tempur-Pedic International announced that it had agreed to purchase Sealy. Despite its turbulent management history, Sealy remains one of the world's leading mattress manufacturers. It has 25 locations in the US and accounts for 17.8 percent of all mattresses sold in the country.

They vow to constantly follow, if not surpass, industry standards to ensure the longevity of their items. All of their products are proudly created in the United States and have passed rigorous quality, comfort, and support testing. For the past 65 years, this company has been a forerunner in mattress technology.

Sealy's corporate headquarters are now located in Trinity, North Carolina. They currently sell the majority of their mattresses under three unique brands: Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns & Foster, and Bassett. It's really not surprising why so many companies and individuals have vied for Sealy throughout the years. Their high-quality, innovative products have already earned them a staggering annual income of 600 million dollars. They also employ around 4500 people throughout their numerous locations.

Where to buy Sealy Sofa Convertibles

Why buy Sealy Sofa Convertibles

  • Sealy is regarded as one of the most successful and most reliable makers of beds and related sleeping products.
  • They have more than 140 years of combined manufacturing experience.
  • They’re proudly made in the United States.
  • All their products have passed various quality, comfort, and support tests before being sold to market.
  • These sofas have a multipurpose and unique design, and are not only a modern and attractive couch, but it is also ideal for when you need to change your living room into an extra bedroom quickly.