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Sandusky Cabinets have been among the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the U.S for almost 70 years. Currently, they amalgamate with other businesses such as Edsal, Buddy Products, and MBI, inc. This merger led Sandusky cabinets to diversify their products into a home interior, office, industrial and institutional sectors.

Sandusky Cabinet is known for its Steel Storage System and Cabinets. But, their products are not limited to only steel products. As mentioned above, they offer a broader as well as wide range of products. They now have bookcases and book trucks, shelving, cabinets, and accessories or parts. 

Since 2012, Sandusky cabinet has offered different collections like the steel storage products, the 2012-2013 catalog launch, and the new kids-colored lockers. The company introduced steel storage products that come from Zhongshan, China. This stainless steel has 16ga soldered and 304 steel armoires with hooks in a full length. Sandusky cabinet also announces their addition of 50 new products like cabinets in stainless steel, cabinets in the garage, and tables with built-in charging. They also came out with a kids locker offering varieties of colors that the kids enjoy. At the same time, they are wide and tall enough to fit in all the things they will bring.

The company is evolving and has valuable commitment when it comes to innovation and environmental activities. In 2011, a new facility in Littlestown, PA, with over 300,000 square meters. Since the company would be operating through Littlestown, they launched a Solar Project with $1.5 million funds. This project aligns with the company vision which is, to be GREEN. It would not only be beneficial in the company but also in powering the Littlestown. In addition, it would enable the company to do industrial, educational, and other environmental projects without using the electrical power source.

Sandusky cabinet is a proud GREENGUARD certified, which proudly recognized the company in using low emission material that helps improve the indoor air quality. This GREENGUARD certification, awarded by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) with a high fastidious rating standard in products that help establish a healthy interior environment. In addition, they continue with their proactive approach in their sustainability commitment to the environment and their products. They utilize the expansion of recycled materials in their products (currently 70%), specifically with their steel products made from 100% recycled materials.

In addition, they also cared for their customers that extends to the quality of products with high-rating. Many customers also share reviews of how sturdy, well-made, and high quality their products are. The company also loves its 111+ employees, in which they give employees a discount that can be input on their website.

At Interiorbeat, we are delighted to have Sandusky cabinet products. We want to give you the top options of brands and retailers that cater to your life needs. And at the same time, providing you with high-quality product choices and the best place you can buy them.

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  • A well-known brand that has been in business for over 70 years, so it is a trusted brand.
  • They offer a variety of products such as bookcases and book trucks, shelving, cabinets, and accessories or parts.
  • It has an extensive collection and series of products made of sustainable and recycled materials and is easy to mix and match with other products.
  • They use sustainable methods to power their manufacturing headquarters, for instance using solar power.
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