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According to accounts, co-CEOs Jason and Justin Kachan were encouraged to create the Sagebrook Home brand after witnessing their parents' three decades of artistic expertise and intelligent management of their textile firms. They believed that the significance of family and remaining loyal to consumers were the keys to establishing a successful business, and they were correct.

They decided to set up Sagebrook Home in March of 2015 to bring something altogether new to the home décor sector by combining their innovation and creative zeal with their skill and understanding in textile manufacturing.

Sagebrook Home seeks to deliver enticing and inspired designs while giving excellent customer service. They also want to follow through by instilling these values in all of its sales, corporate office, and warehouse workers. Expanding on their vision and pioneering with design innovation, they believe that every customer is a member of the Sagebrook Home family.

The Dallas Market Center and ART recognized Sagebrook Home as a finalist for the 29th Annual Home Accents ARTS Awards in 2017. The ARTS Honors are the leading international awards program dedicated to home industry excellence and performance in retail, manufacturing, architecture, and sales presence and are presented every January during the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market. The following year, they were finalists for the same award.

In addition to these qualities, this brand inclines towards diversification. In May 2020, Sagebrook Home announced the launch of Comfort and Care Health Co. This sister company will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to acquire and store wholesale supplies by utilizing its international connections. Because the pandemic was at its apex at the time, Sagebrook was able to capitalize.

In the same year, 2020, Sagebrook Home saw a steady increase in the demand for their offerings and thereby doubled their size at the World Trade Center and expanded their gallery space within the showroom to roughly 5,000 square feet. 

Sagebrook Home was founded to bring something new and exciting to the home design industry by producing new items, staying on top of trends, and, most importantly, adhering to the highest quality standards. They've quickly positioned themselves as a leader in delivery, dropshipping, and fulfillment, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Sagebrook Home has quickly expanded its product line to encompass over 10,000 items, including wall decor, furniture, lighting, home textiles, and accessories.

One of their best-selling items is the Sagebrook Home 13622-01 Polyresin Decorative Piece. This ostensibly rustic sculptural decor is sure to add sophistication and class to any living room. Enhance your home's decor with this and other exquisite and stunning ranges of decorative accessories.

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  • Sagebrook Home has a product line of over 10,000 items, including wall decor, furniture, lighting, home textiles, and accessories. There are plenty of options available to the DIY room decorator.
  • It is a company with an incredibly talented staff, as evidenced by its award nominations year after year.
  • Compared to other firms, Sagebrook Home treats its employees like family and provides them with superior perks.
  • Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, they've established themselves as pioneers in delivery, dropshipping, and fulfillment.
  • Their client-first approach pulls them forward, with customer care that is always willing to listen.
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