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Safco is a global leader in office furnishings, reception solutions for workplaces and schools.  Seating, organization, presentation/training, ergonomics, work area, facility, and educational furniture are all available. Safco's products enliven and inspire workplaces while fostering a "work anywhere" mindset—a mindset that complements anyone's work style to increase flexibility, collaboration, and movement in any office or educational setting.

They opted to be mainly dedicated to discovering the ideal workplace solution for each client because they feel space is a wonderful vehicle for expressing an individual's identity and creating the desired company culture. 

Impressively, Safco has had plenty of experience manufacturing for specialized settings like government offices and educational institutions. In fact, Safco has completed a multitude of contracts for many government reception areas and offices across multiple states in the US. Because these locations have specific furniture needs, Safco appears to be the best option.

Their lounge collection has some of their best-selling items, with the Santa Cruz Mobile Lounge Chair standing out in particular. The seating surface of the chair is entirely covered in genuine leather. It has black wood feet in the back and thick black double wheel casters in the front. It's a lovely, stylish chair that stands 19 inches tall, perfect for lounges and breakrooms. The rear of the movable chair has a brushed aluminum grip for convenient portability.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Safco also produced relevant products to combat contagion in the workplace. These items are part of their SAFE line. For example, the Multi-Workstation Tabletop Wellness Screen is an ingenious collaborative office solution. Revert to your shared workspace while assisting team members in reducing their exposure to coughing, sneezing, and talking droplets. Safco's Freestanding Acrylic Multi-Workstation Tabletop Wellness Screen converts a single table or bench into four separate workstations quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for social distancing projects. Simply place the stand-alone unit on any large surface to create a series of safer, segregated workspaces for your employees – no clamps or fasteners necessary. The item, which comes in clear, frosted, or white, assembles fast by simply sliding the two provided panels together — no screws or adhesives are required. The Wellness Screen is made of 100 percent acrylic and has smooth edges for safer handling. It is easy to clean with a simple wipe-down.

Safco has also developed devices specifically for institutions of higher learning. The need for reimagining space in the learning process is more important than ever before as higher education undergoes an extraordinary transformation in reaction to current events. Safco helps higher learning institutions change their settings into exciting spaces that are adaptable enough to suit emerging instruction, learning, and interaction methods by using a future-focused perspective to space planning and product design. These products include furniture for libraries, working hubs, faculty rooms, and active learning furnishings like standing stools and desks.

Safco's roots go back over a century of creativity and a commitment to pleasing customers—values that their parent corporation, Liberty Diversified International, has kept for many years. They appear to have inherited LDI's customer-focused and values-driven approach, which they employ to steer their everyday actions with the concepts of Caring, Innovation, Trust, and Excellence. They promise to uphold their legacy while striving for an inspired future as an American company committed to making your life more practical through their distinctive products.

They believe it should be simple to outfit a high-performance office that reflects your brand and culture. They present you with a tailored and comprehensive portfolio of items that enable you to adapt to the new workday at an affordable price. 

Founded in 1966, Safco enjoys more than 150 million dollars in annual revenue today. The company is situated in New Hope, Minnesota, where they employ almost 200 people. Check out their innovative office solutions here at Interiorbeat.

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  • Safco is a global leader in office furniture, reception solutions, and school furniture.
  • Safco has a proven track record of providing high-quality furniture to government and educational institutions. They've executed multiple contracts with a variety of government agencies in a number of states.
  • They provide you with a customized and comprehensive portfolio of items that allow you to adjust to the new work situations at a reasonable cost.
  • They've been in business since 1966, giving them more than 60 years of manufacturing experience to help you with your specific needs.
  • All of their items are made entirely in the United States.
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