When it comes to creative, easy-to-use tools for the home, workplace, and on the go, Rolodex is the unquestioned organizational authority. Rolodex comes to mind when it comes to keeping track of your business cards. They've been helping people network their way to their next promotion, keep critical numbers at their fingertips, and remain connected to what matters to you for more than 50 years. It can be challenging to know what matters and stay on track. It's all set in Rolodex. They're changing the way you manage your office and home life to help you reclaim your equilibrium. You can rely on their new workspace accessories, which bring stylish functionality to your desk, as well as exciting new additions to our classic products.

The legendary Rolodex keeps contact details for one person or firm on specially structured index cards that the user writes or types on. The cards have notches on them that allow them to snap into and out of the spinning spindle. Ordinary business cards are taped directly on Rolodex cards, or they are placed in plastic or vinyl cases shaped like Rolodex cards by specific users. As a marketing strategy, some firms even created business cards in the style of Rolodex cards. In 1956, Hildaur Neilsen, the head engineer of Arnold Neustadter's business Zephyr American and a stationery maker in New York, designed the Rolodex. It was introduced in 1958 as an upgrade to an older design known as the Wheeldex. Zephyr American also created, manufactured, and marketed the Autodesk, a spring-operated phone directory that instantly opened to the selected letter; Swivodex, a spill-proof inkwell; Punchodex, a paper hole puncher; and Clipodex, a stenographer's knee-mounted office aid.

As more people began to store contacts on smartphones and laptops, the company's Rolodex line has considerably shrunk over time. It's now trying to stay relevant by producing iPad cases, and computer stands under the Rolodex brand. Their product line for workplace organization is also impressive. Mesh office supplies combine sturdy construction, an industrial aesthetic, and practical usefulness. They have lovely wooden desktop drawers as well. This desktop family has a traditional design with a modern black matte or mahogany finish for an urban style. They also have a stylish desktop range that delivers a polished appearance and feel. You can express your personal style and taste with their Punched Metal and Wood desk pieces.

The Mini Classic Rotary Card File is still one of their best-selling items today. These are ideal for storing names and numbers on your desk whenever they are needed. It comes with 250 Rolodex brand cards and 24 coated A-Z index tabs. The unique Rolomatic Control keeps cards in position safely. Admittedly, Rolodex has been one of the most important companies in business and office history.

With over 100 employees and $5 million in yearly sales, the Rolodex corporation is still a potent force today. Interiorbeat has a selection of their items that you can check out.

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  • They have more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in the office accessories space.
  • Rolodex is the undisputed organizational authority when it comes to creative, easy-to-use tools for the home, workplace, and on the go.
  • Their new workplace accessories, which add attractive utility to your desk, as well as intriguing new additions to our traditional items, can be relied upon.
  • They manufacture all of their items in the United States.