"We stand for the sitting," says Raynor's slogan, which sums up all they want to do. Their staff is dedicated to offering new technology, exceptional artistry, as well as ergonomic comfort, in every chair they produce, from initial concepts to final manufacturing.

Under the Eurotech brand, the Raynor Group has represented quality and exceptional customer service in office seating since 1979. The Raynor Group is now in charge of production, marketing, sales, and distribution for a limited group of office seating goods made and marketed worldwide.

The Raynor Group caters to a select group of retail clients to deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With over $1 billion in sales, it's safe to assume they know what they're doing. The Raynor Group is one of America's most successful manufacturing, marketing, and distribution businesses. This group of companies has numerous entities under its umbrella.

One of its subsidiaries is Raynor Gaming. This brand brings you next-level innovation with the most sophisticated gaming seats available. Outlast technology is exclusive to Raynor Gaming chairs, and it keeps you cool and comfortable by proactively removing sweat and storing surplus body heat. Outlast is a NASA-developed device that employs phase transition materials to absorb, retain, and release heat for maximum thermal comfort. This technology works similarly to ice in a drink; when it melts from solid to liquid, it sucks heat and cools the beverage, allowing it to stay at the correct temperature for longer. Outlast phase change materials act the same way as conventional phase change materials, but they are microencapsulated and shielded in a polymer shell. Thermocules are what microencapsulated phase transition materials are named. Because of this encapsulating procedure, the Thermocules are highly durable in various applications. These Thermocules, inserted into textiles and fibers, can collect, store, and expel excess heat. This enables any product with Outlast technology to continuously control the skin's microclimate. The skin absorbs the heat as it becomes heated, and it is released as it cools.

Tempur-Pedic is another successful Raynor brand, with the renowned TEMPUR technology that precisely adjusts to your weight, shape, and temperature, providing unsurpassed comfort and support. TEMPUR Material has developed over the last 25 years to give you a sleep experience unlike any other. Unlike memory foam, this material is specially engineered to adapt to your body's weight, shape, and temperature. The material's viscous and elastic qualities actively cooperate – in the correct way, at the appropriate times — to give excellent support, comfort, and unlimited adjustability. What's the end result? Pressure point relaxation, absorption, and movement isolation are unrivaled. That is why no other material compares to TEMPUR Material in terms of performance.

Raynor is also home to the NBA 2K League, a joint project between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive. It is the first official esports league organized by a professional sports league in the United States, featuring the greatest NBA 2K players globally. Across all NBA and NBA 2K Association social media channels, content from the NBA 2K League has received over 415 million video views. The NBA 2K Association and its clubs have a combined social media following of more than 2 million people.

The Sharper Image brand is another favorite of the Raynor family. Sharper Image, founded in 1977, is best recognized for its one-of-a-kind, unique items in lifestyle, gift, gadget, technology, health, fitness, and travel. Sharper Image goods are available at several locations around the country, including significant department and specialized stores and direct to consumer. Sharper Image is known for its creativity and unusual, "giftable" product designs available in a wide range of consumer goods categories.

Of course, there's Eurotech, one of the group's older members. As one of the leading producers of office seating, Eurotech offers a wide choice of office and school chair options that are built to resist the most rigorous of new demands. The Eurotech brand is known for its high quality, customer service, and responsibility. Their office and school seating products are offered worldwide and are noted for their ease and unrivaled ergonomic ingenuity. Eurotech's extensive distribution network allows it to deliver exceptional seat options to any location, irrespective of order size.

The Raynor Group of companies is a highly successful corporation, and it's easy to see why, given the equally remarkable accomplishments of the brands in this group. Over the course of 30 years, the Raynor group of firms has generated a billion dollars in revenue.

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  • Raynor is a massively successful company that has proven its manufacturing excellence time and time again.
  • Raynor products and those under its company umbrella are homes to numerous patented components and technologies.
  • All Raynor products are GREENGUARD Certified.
  • Raynor's core principle that has propelled it to success is ergonomics. If you prioritize this feature in your furnishing, you can never go wrong with choosing Raynor.
  • They have more than 30 years of manufacturing experience.