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Rain Design surprised the industry with the award-winning iGo desk for the Apple iMac in January 2003. This company was created in San Francisco by friends from various backgrounds who shared a common goal of developing creative, unique, and user-friendly solutions for the personal computer and digital media markets. Rain is still designing and manufacturing new solutions for today's personal computer and digital media markets. They are always emerging with new concepts that please their customer base.

Rain Design has been developing patented, award-winning accessories that combine beauty and ergonomics for the complete Apple ecosystem of iMac, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone since 2003. They now service customers through worldwide distribution partners and have operations in California (USA), the Netherlands (Europe), and Singapore (Asia). Home offices, mobile offices, Apple resellers, CE stores, corporations, schools, government, and airports are among their clients. Find their items here at Interiorbeat!

The Rain Design mStand is one of their newest products. The gadget enables users to elevate the height of their laptop screen to eye level for improved ergonomics. The single-piece aluminum construction provides robust stability and serves as a heat sink to keep the laptop cool, while the back cable management hole is 2 inches in diameter, allowing for remarkable simplicity of use. Behind the cable organizer, cables are carefully routed in place. There will be no more tangled cords in your office! Its sand-blasted and silver anodized exterior complements Apple laptops, and the keyboard storage saves space on your desk when not in use. It works with Apple's Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and other computers with a depth of 10.4 inches or less.

There are several laptops stands available, but depending on your needs, some may be far superior to others. Some are better for cleaning your desk, while others are better for bringing your laptop to eye level, keeping it cool, working from the sofa or bed, and so on, but they all have some qualities. The finest laptop stands are strong and solid, constructed of heat-dissipating materials, and may be adjustable in height or incorporate fans to keep the laptop cool while you use it.

The Rain Design iLevel2 has received multiple accolades, including Layout Mag's ultimate laptop stand honors, for combining the robustness and beauty of the Rain Design mStand with the ability to modify the height of the laptop screen to fit your eye height by simply sliding the front slider.

In terms of materials, this stand is composed of aluminum with a semi-matte surface, giving it a highly premium aesthetic that complements high-end laptops nicely. Although it is not available in a variety of colors, as is the case with the mStand, its silver tone goes well with gold, pink, or Space Gray computers. Another feature of the iLevel2 is the space on the rear for hiding wires, adapters, and even external hard drives. This way, one can keep their desk neat, and if you combine your cords into a single adapter, you won't have to connect a cable to your laptop too often.

The iLevel's most notable feature is its front slider, which allows you to comfortably increase the height of your laptop up to 7.9" without having to remove it from the stand, with all of the consequences it entails: reconnecting wires, the danger of accidental falls, and so on. Furthermore, the mechanism is secure and moves smoothly, allowing you to elevate massive computers, even 17-inch models, with ease.

The iLevel is entirely built of aluminum and can easily handle laptops up to 17 inches in size. Also, it contains little non-slip rubber pads at the base of the stand and at the top, where it holds the laptop, to keep the whole thing from shifting even slightly.

The Rain Design mStand Tablet Plus is the ideal tablet and iPad mounting solution. The Mstand tablet Plus with angle adjustment is designed to raise and liberate your hand, allowing you to work comfortably with touching, swiping, typing, or simply enjoy a pleasant video conversation. It has an angle-adjustable pedestal that allows for accurate viewing angles ranging from 10 to 50 degrees. Its easy push/pull tilts iPad with a sleek line design and concealed hinge.

Rain Design also provides a more simple alternative in the mBar for those MacBook or laptop owners who find the mStand too invasive in their workstations. This ingenious gadget lifts and tilts your MacBook, making viewing, typing, and swiping on the Touch Bar more comfortable. The mBar's sleek lines and delicate curves complement your MacBook and improve your workspace. It's intended to improve cooling by increasing airflow around the laptop, and it fits most computers. These devices are well-designed, well-engineered, and well-built, and they are accommodating. All three mBars are made to last for years and are reasonably priced.

Rain Design is a promising, young firm with roughly 50 people and a million dollars in yearly sales.

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  • Rain Design is perhaps the best brand to choose for those outfitting an office and are deep into the Apple ecosystem.
  • They have won multiple accolades and they have several patents to their name.
  • Most of their items are made in the United States.
  • They have been in the industry for almost 20 years.