Quartet is a company that understands how our thoughts change over time and wants to help. They've been a pioneer in visual communications since 1954, thanks to their lasting commitment to innovation. They create best-in-class products that encourage critical thinking and innovative pursuits.

Quartet Manufacturing was founded in 1954 and immediately became the leading manufacturer of whiteboards, bulletin, and chalkboard goods. ACCO Brands bought the firm in 2005 and is continuing to build on the company's heritage of innovation and exceptional quality by extending its dry-erase, glass, and whiteboard offerings for creative, corporate, and educational audiences.

We all live, work, and enjoy in shared spaces—places where people mix and interact to raise excellent ideas to greatness and ordinary to exceptional. They celebrate the instances when your vision comes to life—and when it's shared with others. Their solutions promote clear communication, allow you to organize your thoughts, and, in the end, assist you in coming up with great creative ideas. They want you to realize your vision, so they provide you with the resources you need to get started on your most pleasing idea yet.

The people behind Quartet are dedicated to the several core principles in everything they do. They believe that clever thinking is sparked by beautiful design and aesthetics. Ideas evolve and change, but their boards stand the test of time, to ensure you leave feeling inspired and resolved to take action. They know that clean surfaces stimulate communication, allowing you to arrange your ideas and land at clear, firm plans. Continually developing, testing, rechecking, and re-engineering, Quartet aims to produce products that last for generations. As they notice and react to today's changing demands, they're continually improving and revamping their products.

Dry-erase boards were much different when they initially came out than the options available now. Smears were standard on old whiteboards, and they didn't always wipe entirely. They've gone a long way, thanks to years of continual innovation. The only challenging aspect is choosing between so many beautiful possibilities. Many people use many boards in different parts of their lives to keep their lives orderly and stress-free.

Because of their dry-erase and glass board experience, they've been able to develop their glass line to serve the needs and wants of a wide range of clients. Check out these boards at Interiorbeat! A dry-erase board may be beneficial to a wide range of people. Families, work teams, students and instructors, meeting leaders, scientists, community group members, small enterprises, theater managers, and healthcare personnel, to name a few, will benefit from having a location to communicate visually. Melamine, painted steel, porcelain, and glass are all common materials for dry-erase boards.

Quartet provides a variety of glass board surfaces as part of its dedication to innovation and engineering. Infinity, Brilliance, and InvisaMount are the three most popular Quartet glass board types. While their boards have unique characteristics, they all share some features. The innovative design and structure of each board ensure a fantastic writing experience.

Tempered glass is used on the Infinity, Brilliance, and InvisaMount Glass Boards. This kind of glass is made by heating it to a high temperature and then quickly cooling it. This makes the glass far more robust and more rigid than conventional glass, which is why automobile windshields are made of it. A non-absorbent surface allows you to have a board writing experience where you can keep erasing yet still see the text you tried to erase. You will never have that problem because all Quartet glass boards feature non-absorbent surfaces. It's simple to erase and won't stain or ghost. You will always write on a clean surface.

Long-term hard use is ensured by tempered glass and clever design. The glass is also scratch and dent resistant, so it will seem brand new for years to come, whether at the workplace or at home. A rare-earth magnet is another name for a high-powered magnet. Due to the rare earth element that these magnets are constructed of, they are stronger than ordinary magnets, which are generally comprised of iron oxide and other components. Because the magnet must attach to the steel underneath the thick glass, the Infinity, Brilliance, and InvisaMount Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Boards require a high-powered magnet. These boards are sleek and clean, with a frameless design that makes them appear to float on the wall, creating a modern statement while yet fitting into any style and décor in your home or business.

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  • Thanks to their devotion to innovation, they've been a leader in visual communications since 1954.
  • They develop world-class products that promote critical and inventive thinking.
  • Ideas develop and alter, but their boards endure wipe after wipe, ensuring you leave feeling inspired and resolved to take action.
  • As part of its commitment to innovation and engineering, Quartet offers a choice of glass board surfaces.