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More often than not, wall décor is one of those things that typically come as an afterthought in people's interior design projects. While wall décor takes a back seat to furniture in terms of importance, they are indeed the proverbial cherry on top of any room's overall aesthetics. Quality wall décor can drastically improve the look of any room. Enter PTM Images.

PTM Images is one of the top producers of ready-to-hang wall décor, miscellaneous home decorations, and other furnishings in North America. It began as a golf memorabilia firm in 1995 but has since turned its attention to home décor and has become quite a market leader. Their domestic factory provides them the benefit of being able to create high-quality items with quick turnaround times. PTM's cutting-edge French and Italian technology, devoted personnel, and outstanding standards enable the firm to produce best-in-class items for its numerous hotel customers, interior designers, and high-end retailers all over the world.

PTM Images provides a wide range of innovative items at the most affordable prices. They go above and beyond to ensure that your demands are met, whether a specific pricing point or a particular style. They offer glass frames, shadowboxes, laminate boxes, plaques, canvas memos, and cork boards, mirrors, and of course, photo frames and wall collages. Alternative décor, such as metal sculptures, clocks, and posters, was also recently released.

This company sells to a wide range of stores throughout the world, from mass to niche, as well as many online partners. You can find some of their best product offerings here at Interiorbeat. They also manage a wide range of commercial and hospitality accounts worldwide, from boutique hotels to fancy luxury resorts. Their objective is to suit the demands of each price point tier while producing the most decoratively appealing piece of art for their customer base.

PTM is North America's first vertically integrated home décor company. They claim to have spent a considerable amount of money on advanced equipment and business support, all of which are supposed to ensure that client orders are delivered on time. PTM Images is a multi-faceted art and design firm focusing on trends, high fashion, and style. Their initiatives, guided by the founder's vision, Jonathan Bass, combine innovation, uniqueness, and imagination with endeavors that integrate art and taste to fit all cultures. PTM Images provides insight into the upcoming trends to provide their clients with the most creative goods possible.

One of PTM Images' bestsellers, the Marble Layers II Wall Art, is guaranteed to bring refinement to your modern home décor. This contemporary digital wall art gives a glam touch to your room with a magnificent layer of marble designs in various forms, highlighted with a gold hexagon. This digital wall art adds delicate and elegant refinement to your indoor décor, whether hung solely or as a piece in a gallery wall arrangement.

At PTM Images, one of their central values is to help people live on a more sustainable planet. Their extensive environmental efforts, ethics, and social duties include anything from complete trash management measures to waste recycling to large-scale charitable donations to worthy causes.

The company aims to establish a safe workplace where failure is only a pit stop on the way to success. After all, knowledge is power, and those who take on the challenge will inevitably flourish. PTM aspires to transform people’s excitement into action through its art. They want to inspire individuals to figure out what they want to do with their lives and to go for it. They are staunch believers that if one has the bravery to pursue one's aspirations, they may become a reality.

PTM has corporate headquarters and a showroom on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, California, in addition to a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly 300,000 square foot production plant in San Luis, Mexico, and a distribution center in Arizona.

PTM is a relatively successful company sporting more than 40 million a year in revenue while employing more than 100 people in all their locations.

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  • PTM Images is one of North America's leading manufacturers of ready-to-hang wall décor, miscellaneous home decorations, and furniture.
  • This company has over 20 years of expertise in the industry.
  • PTM's cutting-edge French and Italian technology, dedicated employees, and high standards enable the company to manufacture best-in-class goods to customers worldwide.
  • PTM Images offers a diverse choice of innovative products at competitive pricing.
  • PTM Images strives to give insight into emerging trends to provide the most innovative products to their clients.
  • Their significant environmental, ethical, and social responsibilities range from total waste management to waste recycling to large-scale charitable donations to worthy causes.