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The need for screen-related equipment has become more prevalent in recent years. In one's furnishing activities, one must consider looking for providers for such equipment. Premier Mounts, currently a part of Gamber Johnson Inc., is a prominent provider of long-lasting display mounting solutions for the professional audiovisual industry's various requirements. They've been providing the most outstanding service and goods to their consumers since 1977.

They've created over 700 dependable and simple-to-install display, projector, cart, and stand-mounting options, allowing them to better serve their customers than anyone else in the business. In addition, their staff of brilliant engineers, devoted customer service representatives, and sales representatives give assistance from idea to completion to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Gamber Johnson and Premier Mounts are dedicated to offering state-of-the-art, high-quality mounting solutions in every setting, whether ready-made or bespoke. Premier Mounts has been a pioneer in outstanding display mounting solutions since 1977, addressing the audiovisual industry's diversified demands. They lead the market in responsive manufacturing at scale, preserving quality, and lowering lead times, with over 700 heritage mounts. Their basic principles are founded on the bedrock idea that people come first, from their exceptional engineers to their committed staff of customer support and sales specialists. Their goal is to build personal ties and collaborations with consumers in order to help them fulfill their aspirations, which goes beyond merely creating items.

Despite the fact that their product range is rather specialized, they have provided excellent service to clients seeking these items. They specialize in monitor mounts, as you might expect from their name. And in this area, they seem to have it all, including Flat Panel Mounts, Rotating Mounts, Articulating Mounts, Tilt Mounts, and Ceiling Mounts. Their rotating mounting lineup has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Their universal flat-panel mounts can swivel screens between 0 and 90 degrees for a horizontal or vertical layout. It may also be attached to any floor stand. In addition to a complete rotation, the screen has a 10 degree downward tilt and a 35 degree upward tilt for the best viewing experience. These mounts can use all of the Samsung Flip functionalities for both portrait and landscape presentations.

The Low-Profile Dual Pole Floor Stand is one of their more expensive options today. The Low-Profile Dual-Pole Floor Stand is the foundation for many different floor stand layouts. It may be used with a variety of dual-pole configurations, including pole lengths of 60 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches. The bundled adapter, which connects to the stand in less than a minute and requires no special equipment, allows flat-panel displays to be installed anywhere along the poles in TS-BASE arrangements.

Throughout the years, this business has grown steadily. They celebrated the formal inauguration of their newly constructed Brea, California headquarters in 2021. Premier Mounts now has a beautiful collaboration area that will allow them to provide better customer service and new audiovisual mounting solutions.

Premier Mounts is happy to offer things that are guaranteed to be safe for a lifetime. They have received various certifications for their products throughout their years of existence. They've received certificates from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, Underwriters Laboratories Listed Safety Certification, VESA Flat Panel Display Mounting Interface Compliance, and Intertek Electrical Testing Labs Listed Safety Certification. They have an unrivaled degree of adherence to safety and quality norms in their area. It's also reasonable to assume that this organization values innovation as Premier Mounts' Research & Development Department owns a number of patents.

Premier, above all, is proud of their team. They understand that their employees are the driving force behind their success. That is why they attempt to recognize and appreciate their employees' accomplishments. As a result of its exceptional human resource management, this organization has gotten countless great compliments from its employees. Premier is also a strong supporter of environmental and recycling efforts. Year after year, they work hard to come up with practical ways to cut waste and carbon emissions throughout their production process.

Premier Mounts is a highly accomplished brand, with around 100 employees and more than 60 million dollars in reported annual revenue.

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  • Since 1977, they've been giving their customers the best service and products.
  • Premier Mounts is a well-known producer of long-lasting display mounting solutions for the needs of the professional audiovisual sector.
  • From concept to completion, their team of brilliant engineers, dedicated customer care specialists, and sales reps provide support to achieve the ideal fit every time.
  • Their products have a slew of safety and quality certifications.
  • They've established a good reputation as great employers.
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