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The Powell Company was formed in the year 1968 and has since grown to become one of the country's most well-known producers of home accent furniture. They've had a long history of satisfied customers dating back approximately 50 years. 

Powell's furniture was founded by Ennis Powell, who began working in the furniture industry in the early 1920s. Years later, a second-generation Powell, the late Franklin Powell, joined his father in selling furniture in the Fredericksburg area. In the early 1970s, Jim Powell, the third generation, joined the family business. Over six other family members are currently employed in the business, including Jim's wife, Danielle.

Powell's furniture has a vast selection of couches, regionals, lounges, chairs, leather furniture, custom upholstered furniture, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, nightstands, dining sets, kitchen cabinetry, office furniture, and entertainment. 

The Powell brand then expanded its capabilities as a full home furnishings firm by launching Powell Kids, Powell Limited, Powell Beds, and Powell Divisions. The company has evolved into the ideal one-stop shop for big-name retailers as well as everyday customers. Powell Furniture Company is concentrating on growing its product line and planning for the future. 

They also claim they'll keep looking into abroad opportunities to ensure that things are sourced, serviced, quality-checked, and supplied on time and in good shape. Offices throughout the United States, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brazil, as well as distribution centers in California and North Carolina, make up the corporation. Meanwhile, their multimillion-dollar inventory promises rapid delivery from their massive North Carolina storage facility.

Powell designs and offers a wide range of furniture, including children's, dining, occasional, and accent pieces. Their By Design series features high-quality materials and exceptional design. With unique details and texture, hidden functionality, and multi-step coatings, such products are designed to be fashionable.

Powell Kids, the company's children's area, offers one-of-a-kind items that are customized to your child's particular hobbies and inclinations, allowing you to create a warm, friendly atmosphere for your kid. Powell's carpet collections are also designed to reflect current color and aesthetic trends. There's something for everyone, from soft flower themes and timeless classic aesthetics to vivid, multicolored rugs that speak volumes. They've been designed with your tastes in mind.

Items from these series have received numerous awards for design, aesthetics, and practicality, including seven nominations for the industry's Pinnacle Award. Within those competitions, they won three times and finished in the second two more times. 

Powell's company philosophy has always included community involvement, such as participation in and sponsorship of local organizations that promote family values in the communities they serve. Members of the third generation of the Powell family are dedicated to upholding high ethical standards in their quest for an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers. They are pleased to help customers personalize their homes with Powell's home goods and services.

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Why buy Powell Furniture

  • These collections, which span all industry areas, styles, and lifestyles, allow you to shop for your house based on your personal preferences.
  • You can shop with confidence, knowing that you're supporting a company with over 40 years of manufacturing expertise and knowledge.
  • The company has expanded to fit different family needs. The Powell Kids, in particular, is an exciting space for they have your kids' welfare in mind.
  • They have won several awards for their ensembles, so you can rest assured you're being serviced by some of the industry's best talents.
  • From gentle flower themes and timeless classic aesthetics to vibrant, multicolored rugs that make a statement, there's something for everyone. They were created with your preferences in mind.
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