If a brand's name is engraved in people's minds as if it were a generic item, you know it's been highly successful. This is the case with Post-it, no doubt.

The Post-it brand has been helping people be more productive, communicate better, and express themselves in various innovative ways for almost 40 years. Despite how common these items have grown, their origins were far from definite. Looking back, the birth of their Canary Yellow phenomena taught us a great lesson: when it comes to bringing an idea to life, tenacity or persistence may be just as crucial as inspiration.

Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, worked hard in the lab investigating adhesives. During the procedure, he discovered something unusual: an adhesive that adhered to surfaces but as firmly as he wished. "Developing new adhesives was part of my job as a researcher at the time, and we wanted to build bigger, stronger, harder adhesives," Silver explained. Microspheres, he observed, retain their stickiness while also having a "removability property," allowing bonded surfaces to pull away quickly. Silver labored for years to find an application for his invention. But it didn't stop him from bragging about his innovation to his coworkers.

Meanwhile, another 3M scientist, Art Fry, was dissatisfied. He used little scraps of paper to mark the hymns they would perform in the upcoming service every Wednesday night while preparing with his church choir. He'd discover that they'd all vanished from the hymnal by Sunday. He needed a bookmark that would adhere to the paper without causing damage to the pages. He got what he now regards to as his epiphany moment while recalling a session he'd attended on Silver's microspheres. They began designing a product in collaboration with Silver. They understood the idea's full potential when they found themselves penning messages on their new notes to communicate throughout the company.

Fry chose 3M's corporate offices as his testing area. He gave the new adhesive notes to the entire firm, and it turned out that everyone liked them. Under the moniker Press 'n Peel, 3M first tested the device in four cities, with mixed results. Marketers decided to get the product in the hands of customers. After its beginning in Boise, Idaho, the extensive sampling endeavor dubbed the Boise Blitz was a smash hit. Ninety percent of those who tried it indicated they would repurchase.

The product was an instant hit. "Customers would stick the notes on documents they sent to others, causing the receiver to be intrigued. They'd take a look at it, peel it off, and play with it before going out and purchasing their pad." Silver explained that, like many groundbreaking breakthroughs, theirs was a product that no one realized they needed until they needed it.

Silver and Fry's unsung hero, Post-it Notes, appeared in US shops on April 6. Its now-iconic Canary Yellow tint came about by accident. Lee Iacocca and other Fortune 500 CEOs wrote to express their admiration. In Canada and Europe, Post-it Notes are then launched. Fry was promoted to corporate researcher, the company's highest technical position. The Post-it Note turned ten years old this year and was named to several lists of the best consumer items of the decade. Spencer Silver departed from 3M after 28 years with the business, with more than 22 US patents to his name. Silver and Fry both concluded their careers at 3M with the highest research accolades and several awards in the international engineering community. This trademark has not been forgotten in the present day.

In more than 150 countries, Post-it Notes are now available in various standard sizes, shapes, and colors, and there are now over 1,000 Post-it Products available. The change from conventional closed workstations to open team arrangements was evident in workplace trends. Post-it Brand reacted in late 2014 with a remedy that helps groups work better together in these spaces: an immediate dry erase surface that is stain-free and adjustable to fit fast on walls, cabinets, tables, and other surfaces.

In 2018, the Post-it brand released a note that adheres to surfaces that were before unthinkable. In February 2019, Post-it Extreme Notes were released in the United States. They're water-resistant Post-it Notes with 100X the holding strength of the original. This innovative note earned prizes including 'Pitch The Press' for the hottest original product at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in 2018, and Popular Science's Best of What's New as the Grand Prize Winner in the home category in Popular Science's Best of What's New.

Post-it Brand created a new to the market solution that allows teams to continue working better together, with office environments transitioning to open spaces and brainstorming, scrum, and agile thinking trends thriving. The Post-it Flex Write Surface is a whiteboard that can be used with dry-erase and permanent markers without leaving stains. It's easy to clean with only water and a rag.

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  • Post-it, under the 3M conglomerate, is one of the most successful brands to ever exist. You cannot go wrong with their products.
  • Through their years and decades of operation, they have never stopped innovating.
  • They have literally thousands of patents, immeasurable fame, and huge financial success to prove their excellence.
  • The Post-it brand has been helping people be more productive, communicate better, and express themselves in various innovative ways for almost 40 years.