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Peerless-AV has been designing and manufacturing award-winning products like outdoor displays, integrated kiosks, digital signage mounts, and more since 1941, driven by passion and creativity.

They've been designing and manufacturing high-quality goods, such as outdoor displays and TVs, dvLED and LCD video wall systems, fully integrated kiosks, professional carts and stands, and more, for over 80 years.

The company began manufacturing components for military equipment during World War II in 1941. Following WWII, the business entered the audio-video market in 1965, producing the first television wall mount in 1978. This mount, which is now considered one of their most famous inventions, was cutting-edge for its day.

This brand began extending its product portfolio to add mounting hardware, television carts, and stands due to its success. They quickly followed up with the Jumbo 200 mount and industry-first Plasma, LCD, and projector mount lines.

Peerless-AV swiftly adapted and expanded its skills to remain ahead of trends as industry demands evolved over time. They've done this by offering specialized technology solutions like the HD Flow and PeerAir Wireless AV System under the newly established Emerging Technology group.

Peerless-AV capitalized on this success by acquiring outdoor television maker Cill Technologies in 2013 and launching its first fully-sealed commercial outdoor display line. Following that, they launched the kiosk division, which has grown to become one of North America's leading high-volume customized kiosk providers. Peerless-AV builds genuine partnerships and provides world-class service, whether a full-scale worldwide deployment or a high-volume bespoke project. When you collaborate with Peerless-AV, you're putting your faith in an award-winning team of professionals to assist your every step.

All Peerless-AV procedures reflect the company's fundamental principles of excellent production, ongoing innovation, and industry leadership, which have helped it maintain its spot as a leading global designer, producer, and distributor of electronic device support solutions and peripherals.

They supervise every stage of the production and testing process to guarantee that items fit your exact specification. They also assure your contentment by the way their items are designed. From conception through production, your demands dictate their manufacturing process, including quicker installation, increased durability, and superior aesthetics.

To stay up with the continual developments in AV technology, they are constantly launching new items. They have good partnerships with several OEMs, which allows them to gain valuable insight into future technologies and patterns. If a solution isn't available, their customization department will develop one for you. Furthermore, their Corrective Action Process ensures that each of these new items satisfies all internal and external improvement demands.

Peerless-AV is also a voting member of the key industry standards bodies, ensuring that they have a thorough awareness of emerging regulations and compliance challenges, which they incorporate into their products and pass on to their customers.

One of their most popular products today is the DesignerSeries Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount. According to company literature, this item was built expressly for the unique qualities of OLED and QLED televisions. The ultra-thin glass, bottom-biased VESA design, and bottom bump-out on televisions necessitate particular characteristics to properly mount and move them. You may change the angle of your display with the ratcheting tilt head without putting too much strain on the thin OLED glass. The adapter bracket with the mount is the right size to avoid interfering with power or HDMI connections. The smooth operation of the contoured twin articulating arms protects your television from unwanted wear and tear. Internal cable management hides power and HDMI cables for a neat, professional appearance.

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  • Since 1941, Peerless-AV has been creating award-winning products like outdoor displays, integrated kiosks, digital signage mounts, and more. That's more than 80 years of expertise.
  • All Peerless-AV methods are guided by the company's core values of superior manufacturing, continuous innovation, and industry leadership.
  • Peerless-AV quickly adapted and developed its expertise to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that you always obtain the most up-to-date items.
  • Peerless-AV creates true relationships and delivers world-class service, whether it's for a large-scale corporate project or a simple home upgrade.
  • They oversee every stage of the manufacturing and testing process to ensure that the goods meet your exact requirements.
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