Paperflow was founded in 1976 and is currently one of the fastest-growing independent office goods and business services firms in the UK. Their customer base continues to increase due to their ability to help businesses cut expenses and streamline office procurement operations. This impressive company provides a wide range of products and one-of-a-kind services, all with the goal of saving you time and money.

Paperflow is a conglomerate that takes pride in its innovative use of technology and service solutions to supply environmentally friendly office supplies while lowering costs and increasing productivity. It's a strategy that has already won them the ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management - and it may assist you in your business as well.

When you use their services, you can show your customers, employees, and shareholders that everything you purchase - from pens to paper, tea to office equipment - is part of your commitment to reducing your environmental effect.

Paperflow is considered an authority in contemporary office furniture due to its diverse range of office items. Nonetheless, one of their emerging product lines that appears to be gaining popularity is their presentation and storage line. Paperflow provides a comprehensive spectrum of ultimate storage, display, and organizing options. These are modern solutions that complement style while enhancing performance. Furniture, storage, literature displays, and storage with cutting-edge designs are all designed with aesthetics in mind. Paperflow solutions are industry-leading communication tools for big and small workplaces, schools, institutions, trade exhibitions, and more. The items are packed for dropshipping, quick assembly, and field flexibility.

Paperflow has been providing a variety of critical services to the office products and stationery market for over 36 years. Office papers, stationery, print & design, facilities management consumables, electronic office supplies, and, of course, office furniture are all essential services they provide. Paperflow began operations in 1976 and, as the name implies, initially focused on delivering high-quality business documents to London's Blue-Chip corporations, Law Firms, and Financial Institutions.

Paperflow was the first firm to develop Coupon Sales and Floor Services, and if you are interested, they can provide you with further information on the benefits of each of these services. Paperflow has established its services over the previous 35 years, ensuring knowledge and professionalism in each of the sectors indicated above, including Document Storage, which is currently in its 14th year.

Aside from its long list of achievements, stellar financial performance, and established track record over the past three decades, what truly distinguishes this organization is its unwavering dedication to environmental initiatives. They will even do a free environmental survey to get you started on the right track. And, with Paperflow, lowering your carbon footprint does not imply sacrificing beauty or quality.

They promise to assign an account manager who will work with you to reduce your carbon footprint, make deliveries as efficient as possible, assist you in planning and managing your recycling needs with a free paper recycling service, provide a paperless administration service with all statements and invoices delivered electronically, and even provide 24/7 online access to a full range of office supplies. Needless to say, Paperflow is an excellent steward and it deserves all the success it’s enjoying today.

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  • Paperflow has been supplying Copier Paper, Office Products, and Stationery to Central London and beyond since 1976.
  • Their experience in delivering the correct products on time and at the right price has helped top legal firms, banks, and accounting practices.
  • Based on their vast knowledge in the field, they can provide personalized solutions, including specific goods and services aimed at the legal, banking, and financial industries.
  • Aside from its vast list of achievements, excellent financial performance, and established track record over the past three decades, what truly distinguishes this organization is its unwavering dedication to environmental initiatives.